World Cyber Games (VF5)

Just wondering if anyone else here plans to compete in the World Cyber Games VF5 tournament.

P.S. Confused as heck as to how to register for this competition…

I would if i knew how to enter it.

all of the “pro gaming leagues” are confusing as hell

I remember trying to find out how to enter WCG one year and I just gave up

At least for Warcraft and Starcraft they have sponsored regionals or smaller tournaments locally which qualify you for the main one. I’m not sure how it works for the fighters.

I always figured they were trying to make it like major league baseball, and you had to be well known, on a team or “picked” to be in it. That is mostly the reason why I don’t give a crap. It feels to fake.

Like they are trying to produce video game stars to put on cereal boxes.

Yeah IIRC you have to be a ranked player in some arbitrary league to enter.

Here’s the signup link:

Qualifiers are online based. Pretty gay, IMO but whatever.


i’ve signed up for the may 5th-11th qualifier…don’t konw if i’ll sign up for the others or not.

I think you can sign up for all 3 qualifiers in your region. I know a couple of people at VFDC said they did just in case(tourney jitters).

The online thing is dumb but if your good your good. ANYONE can spam shit in but knowing the game (especially this one) doesn’t pose a problem.

I hope the EC qualifiers get posted. That’s the most wicked bracket in the U.S.