Word on SBO 2009 Teams?

It’s only 5 months till SBO, soon the qualifiers should be starting.
Any word on who teamed up with who yet?

First qualifiers for Tokyo are coming up 28/29 March.

yep,here’s the full qualifiers list :

i don’t personally care too much about the composition of the teams
but i do care about the players

hayao,namijin,pino (just to name a few)
would love to see them again in action

it’d be interesting to see who’ll be on the EC 3s team…jwong, kofiend and _______

cant wait to see who fills that spot this year

How do I read that in English, or where can I just find the names in Japanese?


Or Me.

Dude, Whatever :confused: ,

I’m clearly the best EC 3S player alive and will take that spot :nunchuck:


also did you ever figure out if the dudley kara uppercut combo works?

anyone planning on going to SBO this year is welcome to post up information or ask questions about what to do in japan in this thread


Is Exodus really high level on the national scale?

I’ve only seen him on GGPO, not sure how he would rate vs international players?

Not sure why that seems like a random decision, if you were even making a legitimate statement.


yea he is high level on a national scale and plus he played japanese players at Evo and placed well at EC majors as well as entering SBO quals but knowing him he’s most likely too lazy to travel anywhere else in the country

if he was able to play gootecks in a ft7 and get the score to be 7-6 (gootecks won) then im pretty sure he’s qualified enough for the team to go to SBO…thats a rly strong team anyways who else on the EC can beat out Exo for somethin like this

Japanese qualifiers has just started:

But still they haven’t names and pics up…

Here we go again another year of greatness. I live for this part of the year less get it going.

I believe Exo is going to SBO. He got a japanese stick just for getting used to the style, and he sounds pretty serious about going. Best of luck to him.

I’m freaking out (not really), according to this other source we already have a qualified team:

No idea why they aren’t updating the official site nor talking about it on 2ch or something.

There should be something like 3 qualified teams as of this past weekend according to my sources, but they haven’t announced them for 3s.

Well this is what happened last week:

Of the 3, only the red one should be the real qualifier for block B-5, if I got it right ^^

Still no results up (I mean… Why?), but we’ve got a report here:

A lot of important names mentioned but I can’t get any relevant info out of it, sorry :confused:

Looks like RX (Urien) has teamed up with Vanao (Ryu) and Kochun (Chun Li).
Vanao is maining Denjin for super art, sure would be interesting.

Also, other teams are (not confirmed if qualified):

**Chinta **(Ken), Saru (Yun), **K **(Chun Li) are on the same team again.

**Nuki **(Chun Li), Akahori (HUGO!!!), Yakkun (Yun)

Pierrot (Remy), Aiku (Dudley), Tokura (Yang)

Boss (?), Rikimaru (Chun Li), Momochi (Yun/Makoto?)

Umezono (Chun Li), Shirotachi (Makoto), Matsuda not sure (Yun)

finally one IT / interesting post - thank you

Nuki (Chun Li), Akahori (HUGO), Yakkun (Yun)

this has got to be the best team so far
don’t like nuki much but the other 2 are tops

akahori in action :