Woody and Rizzuto (1057 The Point) - Dude Dumps Cheating Girlfriend ON AIR!


so good :coffee:

It is like watching a train-wreck that takes 12 minutes to finish and is happening in slow motion.


That sounded kinda fake. The conversation and back and forth went way too smoothly.

Crazy, she was crying and lying at the same time.

great clip i love whe she says what kind of people are you lol

SCREW YOU ASHLEY answer the question…

Fucking awesome rofl

You can’t trust women.

Pics of Eric or it didn’t happen.

And by Eric I mean Ashley.

She was put in her place, without a doubt. Still I was expecting more. The guy really didn’t do that great a job of humiliating the whore.

Shit was funny as hell. What’s even funnier is that there are people defending her on that site.

I thought this was going to be a porn link, It looked like “Dude dumps on cheating girlfriend”, but it is what it is. Shit was funny.

Something tells me there were at least five guys blowing up her phone after that exchange…

Yeah, Woody does it again. He basically did the same thing in the Bay Area when he was around with Ravey and Tony.

A girl had suspicions that her boyfriend was cheating on her. Woody called him, said he was from a flower company, “had a complimentary flower vase for him,” and asked who the flower vase should be addressed to. The guy gives a different girl’s name, and shit ensues. Guy was boning a chick from work.

that’s a good one.
i heard a miles better one from english radio a while back ,
it had a much better set up but it didnt get the long drawn out reactions like the end of this one.


listening again i’m not sure if it is better.