Wooden sides on chunli TE-S

hello there. has any1 tried these badboys out? ive seen a few pics of them on a regular TE-s but i was wondering how good it would look like on that transparent blue on the chun-li TE-s. like da ry cherry stain or something like that. cuz im seriously considering buying one, but i dont want it to look ugly and not match the chun li stick. any recommendations?

The chun stick looks to pretty already dont throw those wood sides on! Its all transparent as well. In the end its your call!

I wouldn’t do it, but if anything do not go with Cherry as it has red tint. If anything go with something dark like Mahogany. I don’t think wood will match the stick as it is transparent, but mahogany will probably look a whole lot better than Cherry with that shade of blue.

I honestly don’t think it will look good on a Chun-Li Te-S. = [

I love wood, it looks so classy. My furniture’s mostly wood, my doors are wood and glass, my living toom’s walls and windows all have wooden trim. Wood is simply the best industrial grade material ever. However, with that being said, it’s not suitable for all applications. Wood tones would simply look mismatched next to the Chun Li. It doesn’t look so bad in the picture because my webcam has a cool color bias but trust me, in real life the way the colors contrast simply makes me want to retch.

That having been said, I bought my Chun Li stick primarily to use the translucent blue body so I could replace the the top panel art with some fanart of another character. I’m still in the planning stages of what I want to do with it. There’s a magical, spacious almost gemlike quality to it that makes it more suitable for the character I have in mind, in a sense.

However, I don’t dislike Chun Li in the least and it’d be a waste of the limited edition art just sitting in a box unused. I also wouldn’t I want it to be sent far off away elsewhere from the case it was made for so I’d probably have to reuse it.

In that regard, I do believe the top panel art would look wonderful on a wooden stick, modeled after the R1, stained with blue so that the grain shows through. This wouldn’t only be a good match for the character’s color theme but it’d also be a throwback to her more traditionalist roots and the opacity would have a fair bit more physical presence, reflecting her raw strength. It’d match her so much better than the original case, given those considerations. Also, I wouldn’t mix and match. Even with blue stain the wooden grain simply wouldn’t match any part of the cleanly manufactured body. I was just thinking about it some odd hours before your post yesterday actually but then wasn’t the time to be taking pictures to be making a post.

If you want wood toned sides, the warmer reds and blotchy top art of the R1 stick would make a much, much better candidate in my opinion.

yeah. project aborted. ill keep the limited edition look. man stick modding has gotta to be one expensive hobby. i mean, you need multiple sticks lol!

Well you can still do lots of fun stuff with it and keep the limited edition look. That’s what I’m doing with mine. Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting). And ya, stick modding can get really expensive, but not as bad as a lot of hobbies. And if you remember they are for gaming and don’t just let them collect dust you can get a lot of use out of them. Compared to some hobbies, like a guy I know who just bought a gun for $5k! That I know will sit in a safe and only be used twice a year or so.

i painted the bezel yellow, instead of buying one for $15. ive got alot of experience spray painting plastic so this one looked really beastly. especially after i put on some lacquer on this badboy. also painted the six screws yellow. im thinking of getting the seimitsu clear buttons. 6 blue and 2 yellow. was wondering what kind of graphic would look good on the buttons. since my chun is dual modded, was wondering if i should just put PS3 button icons there hmm.

oh hey, also, i noticed you have a top plexi on your chun stick. im thinking about getting one too but does it kinda ruin the holographic look/feel on it? and how bulkier did it get? you know whatd be sick? if u had custom etched with the chun art. so now shes really “popping” out