Wondering what are the best counter hit set-ups for E. Ryu?

Hey guys,

Just wondering what is the best block strings, frame traps, counter hit set-ups for Evil Ryu. I do cr. LP > cr. LK > cr. LP or cr. LK > cr. LP > cr. MP, but I want to learn better strings for counter hit damage. Are there ones that can be specific to a character’s fighting style; for example: grapplers, shotos, charge, etc.?

Thanks in advanced!

Hey :slight_smile:

I’m fairly new, but E. Ryu’s far standing MK is really good for getting counter hits. I’ve heard it being referred to as a “win button” in footsies.
It is +4 on CH and you can combo into stand jab, crouch jab, crouch strong and crouch short (among other stuff).

There was a video posted about it on the front page recently actually: http://shoryuken.com/2014/11/10/channel-the-satsui-no-hado-with-these-far-standing-medium-kick-counter-hit-combos-for-ultra-street-fighter-ivs-evil-ryu/

That button saves my life against Vega lol. In which this vid will be very useful since that button beats Vega’s slide, cr. MK, cr.LP & MP and I can usually get a counter hit. Just need to check distance. TO THE LAB! Thank you!