Wonder Woman Animated Movie

Official Site

Main Cast:

Keri Russell…Princess Diana /Wonder Woman
Nathan Fillion…Col. Steve Trevor
Alfred Molina…Ares
Virginia Madsen…Queen Hippolyta
Rosario Dawson…Artemis
Oliver Platt…Hades
David MacCullum…Zeus

Supposedly…there will be a director’s cut of this movie.
I’m sure my punkass will be getting this on Bluray…

Yeah I posted about it here as well-
Wonder why it didn’t get much attention even tho it was DCAU related…

rosario dawson is just leveling up in hotness. she does voice acting too.

A WW movie, and it’s about Hades’ boring ass? No love for teh Cheetah since JL ended, I see. Damn you, DC.


flash’s side pussy?