Woman drawing sword

Did it with tablet in an hour.

Man I odnt know how SFMC color his pics in like 15minutes, shit’s crazzzzzy.

cool stuff, digging the wrinkles and poses, and sweet coloring too. you seem to really be into samurais

nice sketch and cool coloring. not to dis u dude but arent samurais usually supposed to be look like fat old guys with lots of hair on their chin and very little hair on their heads? these characters you drew look like 15-year-old boys with effeminate features. i guess this pic would be an exeption, since this one’s a girl.:rolleyes:

Yeah thats what I’m talking about man. Throwing a neutral bg is the shit right? What are you blending with? Use the alt button to do that. Overall looks good though.

samurai slash

D.F great pic…very nice stuff…the tablet is working out for you nicely…

D.FIST: yeah dude i love the samurai Era as well, I remember watching Kenshin for the first time and getting hooked, and playing /Drawing nothing but "the last BLADE"and “samurai ShoDOWN” …its in phases for me it seems - ill then switch over to drawing fighting characters (eg:street fighter ) as well as my phase for drawing guns/Mecha-(Trigun / Transformers / Zone of Enders etc…):lol:

samurais come in all shap and sizes man lol…

yeah neutral bg is the shiznit.

I put the tablet on opacity jitter so i can just vary the pressure to blend.

You should do that too. Btw you can just assign one of the button on the tablet to be alt. no need for keyboards.

NO wait… I never said that it was a samurai lol.

Hey Dreaded Fist. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the time to check your work out. This shows a lot of improvment since I last looked. Great colors, and the pose is nice too. One of your better works. Keep drawing, my friend. :B

Looks good. Great Job.

The woman actually looks like she’s about to draw her sword. Excellent.