WNF Stream?

so the last two WNF, it seemed like PSASBR was barely shown on the stream (I skimmed through the two archives without much avail).

is there no one playing the game/is the popularity waning? I really enjoy seeing it on the stream and it’s been pretty hype when it gets shown.

I was really hoping for some fresh footage tonight after I got home from work.


I second this! It’s really fun to watch and I want to see more All Stars action!

I’m having a psas tournament as part of a larger event the 25-26. I still only have my 3ds but i’ll have tons of footage. I definitely miss seeing more allstars on wnf though. I wish i could stream :confused:

just a clarification, I was wondering what the situation was like for any of the cali peeps who frequent WNF. what’s the opinion of it overall there?

I dont think I saw any PSAS on stream today either =[

I was at WNF and I don’t even remember seeing anyone playing All-Stars.


There was an All-Stars tourney, but they haven’t been giving the game any stream time. We had the option to have GF on stream, but blame the other guys for not wanting to do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

well that’s annoying :\


Is attendance for the game dropping at WNF or something? I want to see more of it on stream as well

Attendance is about the same, the only difference is that the Superbot guys haven’t been joining the past couple of weeks. I assume because they’re busy pushing the DLC out the door.

PSAS is the only reason I watch WNF to be honest =[…I heard that there will be a PSAS side tournament at APEX next weekend but no stream…So I will try my best to record a lot of the matches via camcorder…Just bare in mind that it will be a bit shaky since I have no tripod =[

I run it on my stream frequently, and play matches with the stream audience :tup:

People will pick it back up when the DLC drops. Hopefully.

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Hey levelup crew, if you are reading this - please show us some Playstation All Stars tonight!

I’m really sad that PSASBR hasn’t been featured the past few weeks although I think I prefer a 1v1 format to watch. Clockw0rk, Seth Killian, Ed Ma, and Omar need to go there and take back the airwaves!

I just asked in stream about PSASBR and got this response:

Iebattlegrounds: maj from suberbot is here im putting PSASB grand fials on
» finals**

Also regarding last week.
Iebattlegrounds: last week they finished too quick

[SIZE=15px][FONT=Helvetica]Looks like we get some PSASBR on WNF tonight boys![/FONT][/SIZE]