WNB Episode #29- feat. Masta CJ Results and Video Archive

WNB Episode 29 was a total blast and the best one thus far!!! Thanks to everyone that came out to support YOUR local fighting game scene. Shoutouts to the new faces that showed up as well as to all the regulars that keep making an appearance. Major thanks go out to all of you who helped the tourney run smooth and quick so that everyone could have a good time…you know who you are! And finally thanks to Rockem Sockem’s very own Tacticks for coming out to WNB and for bringing the Charlotte gang with players like Schixofrenic and of course Masta CJ…good work guys RESPECT!

We fixed the sound problem on the video archive and we had an issue free tournament so the video looks more than awesome.

And here we have the results…congratulations to the winners and see you guys next week!

32-man bracket

1 ReSe_Tacticks
2 Frank the Tank
3 Konfucious
4 Xaiah
5 Pimp Muffin
5 BasicComplex
7 Josh B
7 TKD Shaun
9 MX Mad!
9 VicViper
9 Free Pete
9 Famine
13 Smoklin Jo
13 Rese Schixofrenic
13 Tracey Williams
13 RAF Dustin
17 ill Sim
17 King Vidalia
17 The Jefferson

16-man bracket

1 Masta CJ
2 Slayton
3 IFD Limbo
4 Konfucious
5 Rese Schixofrenic
5 Will Power
7 Xaiah
7 Free Pete
9 MX Mad!
9 Tal
9 JayRad
13 Rooster
13 King Vidalia

16-man bracket

1 Slayton
2 Blake&White
3 Masta CJ
4 Frank the Tank
5 VicViper
7 Smoklin Jo
7 David Miller
9 Tal