Wiring NEATLY pro help needed plzkbye

My wiring looks like siht but I have an excuse. I taught myself :rofl:
First I left my pcb hanging from the wiring but that caused the wires to break from there soldering points. That coupled with my awsome wiring made it look like shit. Next I tried useing electrical tape to hold the pcb but that is really ugly and still didnt help. Pcb became movable and wires broke again.
I want my shit to look like your guys wiring. Got anything for me fellas ?


just look at the pics of how the pros do it

Thank you much sir. I am guilty of only doing a half assed search :sad:

  • rep for you

Alot of dead pics in that thread. Look through the sticky instead…

The, I love my custom stick gallery. (Please don’t quote images).

edit: Nevermind. TMO just posted his latest pics in the other thread :pray: