Wiring a 5 Pin Joystick Connector to Late Version Madcatz 360

… I need help! I posted this in the absolute noobie thread, but noone is responding and my post is getting outdated…

thus, here is my dilemma! I need this stick by tomorrow (SF4 CE is delivered tomorrow for me)

I soldered the 5 pin connector ends from my JLF to my Madcatz Late Version 360 controller according to: http://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/pcb_diagrams/360_diagram3.jpg and I’m having some major problems. With the common ground black wire soldered to the point indicated on that diagram, only the up and down microswitches register and both register as up… When the common ground is soldered to the pad opposite the signal of the left on the PCB, the left and right microswitches register… whats happening!?

I am so confused… if I switch te solder points from the top of the left to the bottom and the bottom of the right to the top, all four microswitches register a click but they all move up… wtf!?

Madcatz came out with ANOTHER REVISION of the controller and so the diagrams on Slagcoins website is out of date for the latest version of the madcatz controller. I used a DMM to buzz out the new revision of the PCB to double check so that’s how I found out that Slagcoins website don’t have the latest latest revision.

damnit, I thought the PCB looked slightly different…

all my buttons are working correctly (I think the A button was different from the diagram) but the joystick is all screwed up…

do you have any idea how to wire up the dpad? that’s all I’m having real trouble with… I can live without the guide button but I really need my stick working for tomorrow!

Did anyone find a solution to this? I’m trying to wire up a 2008 madcatz and I can get up, up-left, and up-right, but nothing else…

i ran into this problem when i did my first hack as well, and realized that my soldering points were completly different from what another member had on srk that posted on the pad hacking thread.http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=6321883&postcount=2642
The diag on slag was 2007 and what i bought was 2008 black colored if that mattered.

edit: or get a meter, got mines for 2.50 @ some bargain store

I had a new white Mad Catz controller, and the wiring was the same as the black one. I would double check with a multimeter just in case though.