Wireless Internet Help

comcast cable is being retarded. Just recently hooked up my wireless internet. It works on everything but my laptop. Gives me that “Limited or no activity” bs . Anyone know what the problem is? Phone and xbox work fine but its only my laptop.

Well the laptop is running on windows vista ultimate and the router im using is a netgear wgr614 v8. Any suggestions?

i don’t think it’s a comcat cable issue

it might be your wireless settings


I’d blame Vista actually.

You may need to configure things, it sounds like you’re connecting to your router, but it’s having trouble getting you to the net.

So what I’d try is go to your network connections whatever one this one is on, go to properties and on one of the tabs there would be something along the lines of requesting an IP address automatically or something like that. (I don’t have my Vista rig in front of me at the moment) See if that’s checked, if it isn’t, try it, and try again, if it is, then I’m not sure.

Could be a range issue.

Set up wireless (wired)
Get laptop next to router & connect.
If it can connect, its a range problem. If it doesnt, its the wireless setting.

BTW dont blame vista for ignorance.