Wired Stick - Done ! Wireless Stick - Help!

I have, over the past month, succesfully built from scratch three wired custom joysticks. The first was from pine, the second from MDF that I painted and the third from solid english oak.

I kept the first one as it was the least ‘pretty’ of the three and sold the other two to friends who comissioned me to make them.

I am extremely pleased with all 3 and have developed the confidence with carpentry, soldering and styling to move to the next level - a wireless joystick.

All 3 of my sticks were based upon the wired Mad Catz common earth 360 pad but I now wish to go wireless.

In essence, all I am asking for is some advice on this project and what the differences are between wired and wireless builds.

I think I require the following to get going:

A scematic or solder point diagram showing earth and signal points.

Tips on charging/ batteries etc etc.

Also can someone advice me of a common earth wireless pad to hack in the UK ?

What do I do about the sync button?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

With thanks in advance,


Check this post out, it may help.


I used the slagcoin wireless pad diagram for my latest stick. Worked a treat with the official common ground pad.