Wired connection 1/2 as fast as wireless

So, while I’ve been trying to optimize my connection quality for online fighting games, I’ve noticed that my PS3 (wired) is reporting half the download/upload speeds that my laptop is getting, and it’s ping and jitter is more than doubled. On my wireless laptop, I’m getting 30 down, 5.5 up, and 25 ms ping. Not bad numbers at all. Then, when I do the same test on my wired PS3, I’m getting 15 down, 3 up, and 73 ms ping. Not good numbers at all.

I’ve enabled DMZ for my PS3, which didn’t seem to make any difference at all in any of these numbers.

I’ve also tried setting up the PS3 on the same wireless connection as the laptop. This resulted in even worse numbers than the wired connection it was originally on.

So, the issue seems to lie somewhere with the PS3 itself. Has anyone else seen this? Does the PS3 somehow inherently have worse network performance than a PC?

Maybe it’s the node and not the device. Some nodes can slow down the packets when multiple devices are connected to it.

Have you tried disconnecting the laptop before testing the PS3?

I have tried this. I have also tried using a different ethernet cable, to see if I just had a bad one. Neither caused any improvement.
Thanks for the reply, though.

Whats the ping on your wired laptop?

This could be the PS3 Ethernet port. I don’t know what model they are using. But, it could be a crappy one causing you to have a shitty D/L and U/L.

I know I have a 37MB download and a 7 upload. But, on my PS3. Wired, it’s a 25 MB download and a 4-5 MB upload.

You can buy a better Ethernet port on your computer to optimize it much faster and better than what your stock provides. Sometimes, it could be the router itself.

I just tested my laptop PC on the same port that the PS3 is normally hooked up to, and I got 16.5 Mbps down, 5.6 Mbps up, and 35 ms ping.

As a control for tonight, the PS3 connected to the same port is getting 16.0 Mbps down, 2.9 Mbps up, and 77 ms ping.

PC connected wirelessly is 19 Mbps down, 5.8 Mbps up, and 25 ms ping.

These numbers are all pretty consistent over several tests.

So, maybe the answer is just a shitty ethernet adapter on the PS3 (as suggested by G0F0RBR0KE), since the PC ethernet adapter is twice as responsive, according to the ping measurements, and the Wireless N connection is just that slick.

Problem is, when I connect the PS3 wirelessly, I get slightly worse numbers than I do when it’s wired.

Sucks, because there is no way to upgrade the ethernet adapter in the PS3 as far as I know.

Any other advice would be enormously appreciated, because I’m really not happy with that 77 ms ping.

So, after a little research, I guess it’s fairly common for consoles to have higher ping than PCs, though I couldn’t find a solid explanation as to why.

New question: is 77 ms ping even all that bad for PS3? For fighitng games, it seems tough, and especially hard to swallow on an already laggy HDTV.

I usually play players under 100ms. Even at 200MS. It’s good but sometimes, your input will be delayed by a lot. What router are you using?

Linksys E3000

Not a fan of Linsys to be honest. They aren’t that good. I stick to D-Link.

^ I don’t know. I’ve actually had better luck with Linksys stuff than D-Link. And in this case, it’s not the router anyway. I just tried directly connecting the PS3 to the modem, and my performance was actually slightly worse than going through it. Maybe because of the DMZ? Plus, you really can’t beat this wireless performance. The E3000 works great in my experience. Only downside is that sometimes it gets a little hot and has to be restarted or the performance will degrade. Only happens about once or twice a month though.

How are you testing ping and upload/dl speeds?

^I’m using www.pingtest.net in the PS3’s web browser for ping and D/U speeds. The speed usually mostly mirrors the speed test in the PS3’s built-in Test Internet Connection utility.

Is there another way I should be testing this?

EDIT: Sorry, that’s just to get the ping. www.speedtest.net doesn’t seem to work with the PS3 browser’s java plugin (if it even has one). I’m getting the speeds from the PS3’s test utility only.

Well… whenever i used the pingtest on my ps3 browser, it would report 400 ms ping even though games would usually report about 100 or so. It also functions extremely slow and doesn’t even work properly, it’s too out of date. The PS3 browser simply isn’t meant to work with those sites, so consider those broken.

^Fair enough, thanks for the input. What games report a ping number?

I’ve played SFIV, Soul Calibur, and Tekken 6 quite a bit, but never saw any kind of ping report on any of those…

Also, it’s not ideal, but from what I’ve read, needing to scope a jump-in way early, and not being able to break throws or block lows on reaction in Tekken 6 is about par for the course. So, maybe the connection is not as bad as I’m thinking.

The only online game I’ve played that has ping is HDR. I have a few others but I play those solo, so I’m not entirely sure.