WINTER SUPREMACY! -Fremont, CA- December 18th +$50 GS Gift Card (now w/RESULTS)

:lol: Game-Zone Recreation :tup:
GZR Nights: **Winter Supremacy!
What: Super Street Fighter 4 tournament
System: Tournament is on 360 only (casuals may have a Ps3)

When: December, 18th Saturday

Time: Casuals at 1pm (Casuals will run during tournament on other set ups except during finals)
**Tournament starts at **2pm

-A match consists of: 2 out of 3 rounds per game.
-2 out of 3 games for a match
-Grand finals consist of 3 out of 5 games.
-After a game has ended, the winner must stick with same character for the next game.
-Loser has option of switching character
-Game breaking glitches are banned.
-Programmable controls are banned. Button macros (e.g. 1 button to perform 3 punches at once) are allowed. Turbo button features are NOT allowed.
-Pausing a game will result in forfeit of that round unless the opponent chooses to waive this option.
-tournament is double elimination bracket

Entry Fee: $10 ($8 to pot, $2 to venue)

                        Prize break down: 
                    1st: **70%** of pot 
                        + $50 Game stop gift card
                        + 1 video game of your choice out of our selection
                    2nd: **20%** of pot
                    3rd: **10%** of pot 

So we’ve decided to add an Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix tourney to this as well. We’re going to use the general Evo rule set as well.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix rules/format:
* Game version: US Playstation 3
* Game Settings: Versus Mode, Turbo 3, 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, Remixed Mode
* Akuma is not allowed in tournament play.

(HDR) Entry Fee: $10 ($8 to pot, $2 to venue)

                        Prize break down: 
                    1st: **70%** of pot  
                      (I'll see if I can add a gift Card or something but no guarantee)
                    2nd: **20%** of pot
                    3rd: **10%** of pot 

Devry University (Room 101A-B)
6600 Dumbarton Cr.
Fremont, CA 94555

Also check out our website: Game-Zone Recreation and thanks for the support :bgrin:

:lol: Just to name a few of the video games in our selection we have

-Dante’s Inferno (Ultimate Edition)
-Mass Effect 2
-Madden 2011
-Battlefield 2 (Ultimate Edition). :cool:

I’ll try and make this. Can the winner of a match swicth Ultras before their opponent switches theirs?

game zone recreation…
is this the same club/people at csueb?
haha, I’ve been going there for 3 years, but never really noticed anything other than the pool room.
Though, I took a look inside the other day and it looks completely empty except for the person at the counter.
Didn’t know they play stuff like street fighter or tekken in there.

:lol: Great question. I’m going to refer to Evo’s rule set on that

So no winner may not switch Ultra (I will make an exception ONLY if both players playing agree that winner may switch). :cool:

To:** xRaion**
This is the same club from Chabot College. I don’t believe there is a Game-Zone Recreation Club at East Bay; there may possibly be a Game-Zone club there but they are not the same as us. You should come by to this tournament at Devry University in Fremont. It is an excellent place to test your skills and get to know both the SRK community and east bay local players. :Bgrin:

oh alrite, probly just a coincidence, it looks pretty dead at csueb anyway.
I don’t play all that much but I am pretty curious.
Wouldn’t be able to make it there until like 4pm anyway.

:lol: cool hope to see you there. :bgrin:

oh but wudnt it be pointless, cant make it there til 4

:lovin: :lovin: :lovin: Mass Effect 2 :lovin: :lovin: :lovin:

im gonna check my work schedule for next week, if im free you can expect some Dee Jay dancing on everyone!!!

Wait how come no ST or HDR in the line up?

:lol: To Shinobi Master:
Those are just the games that are the prizes availible for first place winner of SSF4. There are plenty of CRT televsions there for addition set-ups. I have no problem hosting a side HDR tourny but people need to show interest and come. Also people would have to bring the systems for HDR as well.

HDR or ST community let me know and we’ll work to have a side tourny at this event. :cool:

:lol: Nice. Good to see more Dee Jay action :bgrin:

:lol: Mass Effect 2 is indeed excellent :lovin::lovin::lovin::woot: and if you win you can pick that video game out of our collection. :cool:

Sup Batman! I made it out to your Tourney a few months back at Chabot (as part of that Anime Festival). It was my first tourney and it was a good experience. I think you’re the one that knocked me out too. :wgrin: I’ll hopefully make my way out to this one if I can haggle w/ the Mrs and the timing for a Xmas party we have to go to in the early evening. Either way, hope the turnout is good and looking forward to future events.

There would be plenty of people that would know about it and want to show up “if you people would put HDR tourney in the title thread (not side tourney)”

Confirmed: i can make it!

HDR please

i might be out there this weekend, probably wont enter cause i stopped playin ssf4 but i wanna chill and play casuals