Winnipeg 2012

Just like last year just cause all the cool kids are doing it. 2011 was awesome. Lets make 2012 even better.

Woot we in there.

No EVO this year for me unfortunately, but pre-emptively planning for T13 and Canada Cup. We should roll deep like we do to Vegas. Gotta see what the rest of MARVEL-Canada can do in-person. RDK’s vids and playing some of 'em at this past EVO were great.

In conclusion:


If you want to watch Winnipeg UMVC3, we’re setting up a stream around 8:30pm CST featuring 8 of our top guys in a double elim bracket. Be sure to check it out.

Hey yo peg, how many of you guys still play SF4?

Shane still does from time to time, JKO still goes on dat Gen work, and Graeme is in the hyperbolic time chamber known as Japan. Everyone else is playing good games :stuck_out_tongue:

KOF is what’s hot here, been getting most of the play. SC5 should see some decent play too. Solid amount of Marvel players as well, BBCS(E) will be going strong too.

Most of the city is done with SF4 since most of us don’t find it especially fun, and Graeme is going to come back and body everyone anyway, hahaha. I personally don’t play it anymore because Spider-Man > *. Ditto for Xianghua (or her daughter anyway) – planning to try to learn SC5, haven’t gone hard in it since SC2 and it looks really good.

All fighters will lose to SSX once that drops though <3 Can’t wait.

If KOF13 had useful netcode I would have quit SSF4AE outright.

lol sweet so peg has reached the same conclusion with SF4 that I have. Man my best tournament memories were still at TST5, and to this date it was the most organized and legitimately fun competitive environment I’ve had during my brief tournament days.

After the sask scene disbanded I tried powering through with SF4 but to be honest I lost passion for SF4 the second canada cup 2010 was over lol. Everything after that was basically marriage without the sex as far as SF4 was concerned. The funny thing is that I got the most fun from SF4 not due to the actual game, but trolling the communities behind the game heh. I’m glad to hear you guys are still keeping active with fighters though, and SC5 will probably send some waves for a little bit when it drops soon.

I personally will probably come back into the fold with SFXT but until then Im just keeping a low profile since the powers that be have forbid me from speaking my mind. Im actually more into comics these days and I got a new lady love in my life…and as entertaining as that might sound im sorry dudes but im afraid this 1 wont be coming on SRK haha.

lets go WPG jet over here

Looks pretty cool.

Don’t know if we’ll be able to get a team for SF (since 1 of our 3 Titans is still in Japan D:) and not as many people play it here anymore, but maybe others will step up if the remaining titans want to.

As far as Marvel is concerned, I think top 5 from Winnipeg hangs with top 5 anywhere – offline. I know my team personally loses a decent amount of consistency online (Spider-Man and X-23 do, anyway) and some of the others play tighter linked characters like Fiyahberandu or advanced Magnus. Could be interesting, will ask.

Also, I’m looking for a chance to say “We have a Raccoon.” Somebody give me a setup, ala “I have a Zero.”

Also, hopefully this is the last CCG tourney I miss due to school…seeing as I graduate and all this year. Gonna have to sit out of April Duels, but gonna do what I can to get 5 marvels from Winnipeg out to CC2012 and do work.

hey guys,im new here. just wondering,what events is winnipeg involved in?i wanna start going into competitions and all that.please help a fellow pegger out ahah

Hey, always nice to see new people pop up!

We have a tourney coming up on March 10, you can get details in the tourney thread in the Canada forum, or check out, our home base.

We also do casuals/ranbats for games on Fridays at the U of M, a lot of people just come to hang and play. Check it out if you can, and check the forum link I put above for more deets!

Sup pegs, who all here is playing sfxt?