Winning by getting Lucky. Not my problem

So I just got done playing a set with my usual opponent and we have become very accustomed to each others play. I will admit that sometime when I hit him i get lucky and sometime I was just flat out mixing him up. But the times where he calls me lucky are hard to account for, I dont like hearing him say “oh you got lucky that was BS” or something along those lines. As I’ve said there is luck on my side sometimes as is the same for him.

The real thing I made this post to say is, when playing against people it is impossible to account for every hit that one may get, lucky or not. I tried explaining to him that Marvel (as we all know) can be extremely random, while I agree with having a gameplan and having mixups to achieve those hits is a great way to play, you cant always have a plan work out. Combo’s drop sometimes whether it be lag or just nerves, sometimes these drops happen and we “Choke” as the stream monsters would say. However should we not just move on and play the game when something like this occurs? Calling out something that you fucked up isnt my problem as your opponent and when I capitalize off of that mistake that’s just how it goes.

Admittingly I dont think winning in these scenarios is something to shoot for, because as I said before having a plan is good. I just dont see the need to call someone out on a BS drop or a random hit confirm because this game is too random to have every situation accounted for. Again all im saying is that winning is winning and it doesnt matter how u did it. Its marvel and its Random. K end rant

Hope this is posted in the right place, if not sorry in advance.

Well I think we can all agree that Marvel players are more likely to get lucky than Starcraft players.

Dat sexy MarlinPie.

Maybe the dude you are playing with is kinda…whiny?

Skip to about 8 minutes if you want to see some high-stakes “getting lucky.”

well they both dropped combos which kind of counters it…

That was more like a brain fart on Yipes’ part. Going for just the HS after the second launcher was a weird decision. He probably knew the Gimlet wasn’t going to land but he prayed.

So how exactly did PR Rog not get lucky?

Eh kinda mvc3s problem is the game has too much reward, so lucky hits have a much greater impact on the winner. Given how many TODs and unblockable/hard to blockable things there are in that game, one bullshit hit can literally mean game. It’s kinda why the game needs a patch.

it’s still not all of it though. "lucky hit’ still means things happened as they should and something was done wrong somewhere to have it occur.

PR Rog didn’t get lucky, Yipes dropped his combo that’s different. It was an error on Yipes’ part not PR Rog’s luck.

Then define getting lucky. Cause I think being in a zero-sum situation (ie a kill combo) and then surviving it because of the other player’s drop and then winning is fairly lucky. It’s not like Rog had any direct influence on Yipes dropping the combo.

PR Rog got lucky. I don’t mean to fault him and his play by saying that, but he just got lucky. Yipes dropped a combo that he shouldn’t have, and that was a lucky break for Rog. Simple as that.

He did. Not trying to dick ride or anything, but a player of Yipes’s caliber should have absolutely no excuse to drop something like Hawkeye corner relaunch bnb’s. Yipes was probably mentally panicking and was trying to hurry up and close out the match and then fucked up in the process. I would have still lost myself because i can see myself taking my hand off the stick and just accepting defeat and then getting hit by a reset lol. I’m honestly surprised that PR Rog didn’t due to how he is prone to ragequit in “hopeless” situations.