Windy x Wisdom: New 2D fighting game for DS

Windy x Windam: A new 2D fighting game created by Success and “Ninja Studio” for Nintendo DS and its based on the universe of Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja, a Dungeon-RPG game that was released in the US by Atlus.

The first screenies are decent, somewhat similar to Bleach DS to me… hope that this is gonna be good because the DS really lacks fighting games. Coming on July 31 in Japan.

EDIT: Sorry the typo… it was an original Rakuten typo error, damn.


Ohhh, nice. Looking foward for this game.

Unemployed Ninja Girl is on there!

looks worth a play. will keep an eye on this one. thanks for the heads up.

Nice, gonna keep tabs on this.

Damn 2k8, why so many fighters?! :looney:

Why not?

hopefully atlus will bring it over.

Seems that Izuna got somewhat good profits for Atlus so im very sure that this will come to USA someday.

Alus is bringing Izuna 2 this summer in the US so why not?

MBC on ds?:looney:

jk, it looks worth a try good find.

Official site launched… and thats all.

The game got at least a release date: July 31.

lol unfortunately i can see myself playing this

i still hate playing fighters on dpads though, i hope inputs are lax

PSP port, please…

Good year for movies, Good year for fighters. :tup:

Eh… Looks like Bleach DS all over again, hopefully it’s better though… However, it’s worth a shot, can’t hurt to try.

BDS2 is a great game.


. . . oh.

Official website updated: 4 characters confirmed, one of then is Izuna and the others seems original to me (i didnt play any Izuna game so… i dont know), one of then got TEH HUEG BUBZ.

EDIT: Man… not again, seems that is time for another trap.

hahaha whoa at big boobs character (Ashley?) and Stain?? Talk about cutting it close.

Yep, Ashley and Stain are the names… Stain is very easy to understand in katakana but i wasnt very sure about Ashley but i guess that is the name…

Anyway, this was some kind of flashback when NRF shows Million Knights Vermillion for the first time.