Windy City Showdown: Battle 3 Results (10/27/2011)

Here are the results from the 3rd Windy City Showdown tournament at Galloping Ghost Arcade.

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition
18 entrants

  1. Big Red (T. Hawk)
  2. Tyler (Makoto)
  3. Limbo (Cody)
  4. BP Amoco (Zangief)
  5. Flying V (Dee Jay)
  6. Esoul
  7. Get Merkkd (Top Tier)
  8. Pandasmshr (Juri)

Marvel vs. Capcom 3
19 entrants

  1. Limbo (Wesker/Iron Man/Dormammu)
  2. Heroic Legacy (Wesker/Haggar/Phoenix)
  3. Snoffles (Zero/Amaterasu/Wesker)
  4. Brightside (Spider-Man/Dormammu/Wesker)
  5. Bob Washington (Wolverine/Doctor Doom/Dormammu, Wolverine/Dormammu/Phoenix)
  6. Frankie G (Dante/Haggar/Phoenix)
  7. King Zeal (She-Hulk/Dormammu/Phoenix)
  8. Fenix (X-23/Wesker/Wolverine)

Mortal Kombat 9
16 entrants

  1. 16 bit (Kitana)
  2. Gabe Hernandez (Kung Lao)
  3. Dizzy (Johnny Cage)
  4. AU Wanna Die (Kung Lao)
  5. HAN (Cyrax)
  6. Heroic Legacy (Freddy Krueger)
  7. Media (Reptile)
  8. Curtis (Kitana)

Full brackets and payouts can be found here:

If I don’t have your character or team listed, or I have it listed wrong, please let me know and I’ll enter or fix it. Apparently I didn’t watch as many matches as I thought.

Thanks to every one who came out. Big thanks to everybody who brought equipment. (Tommy Wafflez won the raffle, receiving a $15 iTunes gift card and a Shadow of the Colossus t-shirt) Super big thanks to Bombchivo, who gave up playing casuals to run the Arcade Edition tournament by himself.

I’m thinking about upping the tournament entry fee to $10 for the next edition (date TBD). What does everybody think?

At the risk of perpetuating the “cheap Chicago” mentality, I’d prefer it stayed at $5. With a $5 venue, hour drive both ways (which entails me soaking up 100% of the gas costs most of the time), usually getting something to eat given how long the event runs, etc etc…it adds up. Besides, don’t I donate enough to the Limbo Charity Fund as it is? =P

Bob W : Wolverine Doom Dormammu/Wolverine Dormammu Phoenix
King Zeal: She Hulk/Dorm?/Phoenix
Fenix: X-23/Wesker/Wolverine

Curtis: Kitana

Big Red is too GDLK!

That is all.

Big “Motherfucking” Red

It’s fine if it stays at $5, but you’ll never see out of towners like me and Marcus.

While I I can only speak for myself and that doesn’t represent the scene necessarily, I think the track record for the scene and money speaks for itself. Post Area XIII and pre GGA the replacement solutions were viewed (twice technically since Dead closed/re-opened/closed) and the proposed ideas that involved an increased price even at a better certainly didn’t meet a warmer reception. Another example would be that Downer’s Grove tournament later this month; look how badly that got flammed when the original 15 venue/10 tournament was proposed.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t do higher fee tournaments, far from it. I don’t think the place to do them is the weekday tournaments though. Save it for the weekend tournaments that are currently being worked on so more people can make it, both locally and out of town.

The League of Fighters tournament got that heat because they were originally cutting the pot down in size along with the venue/entry. Now that that’s resolved the tournament seems more viable as a means of competitive playing while still not paying $25 to win perhaps $50 after a 15% cut.

Chicago is cheap and that’s the end of it. Nobody wants to spend money to win money/pot monster.