Windsor Thread 2018

Hey lads not sure if you guys all know but we’ve got a whole new crop of green but nonetheless special generation of fighters. Mostly, we play GG and other anime games but we still have weekly tourneys for pretty much every relevant game as well as Melty Blood. We’re on our way to the top, so watch out Canada (and potentially nearby friends in the states) majors!

We’ve got only a couple real players but we’ve been growing the scene healthily and have a few up-and-comers ready to cause some salty upsets. See us!

Oh and if you’re wondering, the old guys refuse to hang out with us despite our efforts to invite them for video games. Unfortunate, but I hope they’ll at least join us here!

windsor lives on

on lives windsor

4th post~

yo see me in +R

I might be moving to Windsor this year so your scene better not die before I get there.

Dude you’re ass. You can’t play a game that doesn’t have YRC.

Our scene is only going to get more poppin’ from here on. Check out this thread once in a while for we may be posting highlights from our weeklies!

Yeah talk to me when you aren’t the 2nd best sean in Windsor.

You frickin goof. You aren’t even gold in sfv so don’t @ me.

Also about the Sean thing, that was at a Smash tournament so do you really want to be the best 3s Sean player in a room full of people that weren’t even born when the game came out?

Y’all need to drink more pop.

low test

soy boys

Yo who can make it out to locals on Friday at the U? And did you guys hear about that thing happening at St. Clair the Wednsday after DBFZ’s release?

Yeah, it sounds cool and all, but my worry is that because of mid-terms and stuff, it will “look bad” that most of us don’t show up or can’t because of bigger things that we can’t control.

I feel that it was pretty sudden to bring up, especially for a day like Wednesday, when Friday’s the usual day that everyone meets up.

This died fast…

Stay Free Windsor.