Windsor Thread 2011

OK, let’s try this again. UJ was instigated, and overreacted. Next time, i’m infracting everyone involved.




Happy New Years again I guess.

GG Darren. Once again you are not the thread creator.

Also, is anyone else interested in 3rd Strike?

Who said you could come back to the country and just run shit again


is the old thread archived? i wanna save that for a laugh on a rainy day

this is the gayest first page to a WINDSOR thread i’ve seen. even the flaming was better than this shit.

Also, almost all of the “problems” surrounding windsor could be solved with you just banning him. Does he ever input anything useful to any threads he posts in? doing this shit is not the solution anant. UJ should have always been banned since the first windsor shitstorm HE started.

Darren, we still need to run those sparring sessions with my Guile, average Chun, adequate Rose, and scrub Bison versus your Boxer, Ibuki, Guile, adequate Chun, average Rose, and scrub Bison. lol

Thank you Anant for remaking this thread. I hope this thread will be more fair than the last one. I don’t want to go through this again but you know me personally and I don’t act this way outside from the forums. I will not come on here too much anymore after this. We need to have a fair forum from now on. Whoever and I mean whoever starts with anybody, should be infracted and give out bannings. Please make a note of it from on. Darren was not innocent in all of this either. Thank you very much Anant.

P.S: Hope to play you sometime online. Give me a friend request anytime. Thanks.

Any of you guys get on 3s yet? 3s makes me as happy as this:

yes ladies, he’s single.

I love you bastards…


Shoutouts to legendary pictures

So yeah, here’s the reason I wasn’t around for a bit.


What’s new?

Saucy, Avarice. Good shit.

From what I’m hearing, some of the local boys have shifted to 3s recently and it’s a lot more fun. shrug Sounds very promising from what I’ve heard about the game.

How’s things in your world, man?

Thanks :smiley:

As busy as I know I’m going to be, I’m actually excited for this semester. Almost the entirety of the semester consists of working with a sponsor company to prepare real-world networking consulting documents so the whole program is coming together and it’s hopefully going to feel like I’ve actually accomplished something with all that I’ve learned here.

Good Luck Joe, see when I see you again son!! Be sure to post picks of your bad assery over there.

Yeah pretty funny huh?!? Just like you and the rest of the cronies playing 3rd Strike.:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Oh by the way, this pretty much sums everything I’m thinking about you playing your “new” game.








and the FINALE…


44th Ranked player in the WORLD with a SS grade!?! (Top 50 on XBOX LIVE) I thought so.:rofl::rofl::rofl:

you are insane