Windows Vista 64 Bit vs Windows 7 64 Bit

Question to all the people that have Vista 64 Bit and people who have tested Windows 7 64 Bit.

Will you be upgrading to the Windows 7 64 Bit once it’s released in “October” or will you be sticking with Vista? :coffee:

I’ll be making the switch. I’m running Vista 32-bit atm but I want to move to a 64-bit OS and 7 is making it look more than plausible now.

so what exactly would the advantages be over an existing vista x64 installation?

@ slichern

Vista is a great OS for what it does, and when it’s done right, it’s very enjoyable. Windows 7 refines the experience and tones it into shape. Think of it like the changes that happened between Win95 and Win98.

My friend has been testing Win7 on a Pentium M system from 5 years ago and it runs it like a champ. Hell even the EeeePC’s have been able to run it in VMware, that’s how impressed I am with it.

Windows 7 is hand’s down a huge improvement over Vista. I couldn’t believe how much better it was. It is faster also.

Really wish they had other programs to recieve an upgrade rather then the current programs they have.

I plan on building a new machine for Win7, skipping vista completely.

I have heard windows 7 described as “having the speed of windows xp with the look of vista”

I’d also take 7 over Vista. I managed to run it for a few days before reverting to my nLite tweaked XP. My onboard video wasn’t a bad enough dude for Flash vids (Youtube) on 7.

Lol, thats what I use too kyle. nLite slipstreamed xp64. I never get errors or crashes on this thing. even OC’d.

a lot of people don’t give Vista the credit it deserves. but everyone likes Windows Mojave.

they’re both good, i’ve been using Vista for a while, will switch to Windows 7 when it comes out. cuz it’s Vista + more improved features.

On my laptop windows 7 runs soooo smooth. They’ve really improved performance for lower end systems and I can definitely tell. It uses way less resources, boot times and software startup times are faster. I really couldn’t believe how much better it was than vista. I canned vista for ubuntu right away and now I hardly ever boot into ubuntu.

I too will be making the jump to windows 7 and skipping vista, might as well go 64-bit because all current CPU’s are 64 Bit and load up your RAM slots though 8-256GB of RAM is overkill lolz

Make sure your hardware have drivers first before going 64 =)