Windows 7 / Vista Controller Assignment Problems

I recall back with windows XP and earlier You could assign specific controller “joystick” numbers to each controller in the control panel, and It would assign each controller that number when plugged into the computer.

However It seems now all of that is done automatically, which brings up a few problems.

I have 3 controllers, Controller A, Controller B, and Controller C.

No matter what order I plug in the controllers That is the order it will show up in the control panel, and they are given numbers in that order. A=1 B=2 C=3

Whenever one of them is unplugged, All controllers after it will shift to take it’s place.

eg. If A is removed, B becomes 1 and C becomes 2.
If B is removed C becomes 2.

Here’s my problem. This configuration is the absolute WORST in my situation since controller A is a pad, Controller B is a shitty stick Which I use just when people come over to play. and Controller C is my TE.

If I unplug a controller, it will usually be my pad or the shitty stick.

What happens then? well, All my button configs for all my games stop working because lets say, My friend just left, He just played with a pad, Alright, So I unplug the pad. Crap. I have to reset my buttons for ALL the games I played with him. and some of these games do it SF4 style, and sometimes it’s hard to remember which button number is assigned to which button.

Maybe i’m overlooking it, but i’ve gone through all the windows menu’s I can see to try and assign controller numbers. and I can’t find it anywhere. Why the hell would they remove such a feature. eurgh, another example of crappy MS design.

and this feature USED to be in windows, which means, someone sat there and said, Ok, No one needs to assign controller numbers. so lets just take that feature out.

who the hell does these things.

— Digression / rant –
Since when has giving people LESS control over their computer made them happy.
I still remember the first time windows update came up in XP. Alright, i’ll restart later… (10 minutes later), It pops up again. I’ll restart LATER damn it.

5 minutes later, my computer’s in the middle of a download, I have a partially unsaved assignment, and I decide to take a nap.

I come back and I found my computer RESTARTED. WHAT THE HELL. a computer should NEVER restart on it’s own.

Yeah, I know you want to make things simple. but damn. You might as well make windows open all programs at once so that it won’t take you so long to reach the program you need… oh wait… coughvistacough

/end rant