Will's Pub Monthly SF4 Tournament - Orlando, FL - 12/28/09

When:Monday December 28th 2009

Where: Will’s Pub near downtown Orlando
Click for directions

Details:** Double Elimination Street Fighter 4 tournament.
2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches**

3 out of 5 winner finals/loser finals/grand finals

Winner must stick with same character, loser may pick a new character.

If there is time there will be a Single Elimination 2v2 team tournament A vs A, B vs B. Each player on the team must be defeated in order for the other team to win.

XBOX 360, BYOC: I will not be providing any type of controller.

Must be 18 to attend and 21 to consume alcohol, anyone caught buying or giving alcohol to a minor will be kicked out without a refund and be banned from any tournament I host for life!

Entry Fee: $15 dollars to enter with $10 going toward the pot and $5 toward the house for promotion cost (advertising, production, possible security/door guy) any money left over will be used towards the next event.

Registration: On site registration will be from 4-7, with the singles tournament starting at 7:30 and the team tournament starting after the singles finals. You can pre-register by sending and email to: orlandobarfights@gmail.com with the following information in the subject line:

Wills Pub SF4 Tournament 12/28/2009 Pre-registration information

Include the following in the body of the message:

Name, SRK handle if applicable, your age and where you are from.

For teams include the members of the team and the team members.

If you pre register and do not show up by 7 you will be disqualified and unable to pre-register for future events unless you contact me prior and explain your circumstances i.e. had to work, in the hospital ect.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PRE-REGISTERING. It guarantees your entrance into the tournament if you have to show up late.

This is a bar/drinking atmosphere and you are expected to act like an adult, if you get to intoxicated and act a fool you will obviously get kicked out. Use common sense and you will be fine.

Remember to bring your ID or you will not be allowed into the establishment.

Hope to see everyone there.


Wait, is it the 29th or the 28th?

Damnit! Its the 28th, monday.

Haha. Alright, sweeeet. I can make it to this one.

I will be there of course to crush the hopes and dreams of Torrin or Leland ever winning a Wills Pub Tourney.

I refuse to miss 3 in a row!

Im going to be in tampa from dec 26 until january 1st, Im planning to go to this event and probably going to take a bus from tampa to orlando.

I think I might drive up to this one. Hopefully, I will have a car by then. Missed the last Wills Pub because of school and the last Orlando tourney because of car… But I shall return!

Is it possible to have a Tekken 6 side tournament? I dont have any PS3 to bring, but I do have a copy of the game.

I’ll be in town that day, I’ll come play.

I’m not gonna have my stick with me would anyone be willing to let me use theirs for my matches?

Im gonna try to make it out there again always great times.

there is always an extra stick.

Face could you put up the address. When i click on the google maps link it looks for Will’s Pub in my area, not in FL. Thanks a bunch. =D

I’ll bring some sticks for public use, Hori’s, TE’s and some green goblins.

Vercette bud check your acct. thx

The address is:

1040 North Mills Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803

Bring tekken if you want jimmy, im sure you can get some games in.

Deffinatly try to make this

So does this mean MVC2 on the DC will be there on Monday?

The last several times Marvel was asked for at a Will’s Pub tourney, there were a total of 0 people that showed up to play Marvel. Pretty much every time.

Pro tip: There probably won’t be Marvel.

I guess I’ll be reduced to talkin’ shit then, face FTW! I refuse to play SFIV…

I’ll bring a setup, the rest is up to you guys. Casanova is right, that setup was bare last time.

Its totally in your hands guys.