Will you buy UMvC3?

There’s a whole lot of arguing about the validity of this release.

Let’s see how the numbers stack up.

Just vote - Don’t argue.

I voted price drop, but by that I only meant I’d be trading in vanila mvc3 for ultimate.

All the hate is getting really annoying.

Sure am. Twice.

You don’t need to justify your reasons - or criticize other’s.

Just data.

stupid thread.

I’ll likely get MvC3 this time around. Going by early impressions it sounds like some of the issues have been addressed for the most part. The new characters also have me quite interested. All in all it sounds like a more “complete” package, for a solid price.

We’ll see though. We’re still a little ways off, and they will still be tweaking things around.

There was the same amount of arguing with SSF4 and the original MvC3 as there was with this one, and I’m thinking most people on a fighting game website will buy it.

I’ll buy it at full price since it’s 40$ just like SSF4 was. It’s more like buying an expansion if anything else. The content is well worth the price tag, in my opinion.

OP… I like you =)

I voted yes

I also voted for stupid thread…

Take to the $40 / 12 character thread