Will there be a vega vs t.hawk guide in any of the 3-4 matchup threads

I am very new to the T. Hawk vs Vega Matchup and have looked through all the vega matchup guides stickied, and none have a T.Hawk guide so would someone add one to one of the matchup guides or tell me what vega has to counter his specials,normals etc and how to verse him etc.


Have you tired engaging him? Stop running away, you give up to much space and he determines the pace of the match which = death.

the general idea is that when t. hawk commits, it’s to something that leaves him really opening to all you can do with vega.

abusing your walk speed, poke range, and jumping normals including air grab, you can beat t. hawk pretty easily because a lot of his stuff on whiff is a lot heavier than what your strongest pokes and techniques are against him. that’s the basic idea. vega can dominate with footsies and air grab, and you can run away because i can’t think of a way a good T. Hawk could reliably punish a run away EX FBA with. If T Hawk gets in he has to guess between the backdash and the flip in almost every situation because his stun is really low and he has few option selects to cover a backdash, which a flip beats anyway (though maybe not T. Hawk’s sweep. I just realized that =O )

either way, you can ‘lame’ it out pretty good. not necessarily abusing your defense or anything, because you still have to be diverse on defense (air grabs are really good against him though, cause of his floaty jump. otherwise his jump is so floaty if he tries to beat an air grab with an air to air it’s easy to react and punish).

i dunno, bottom line is you can basically run circles against him. when you’re knocked down, that is also a bad situation but defending yourself, at least against any T Hawk i’ve faced, is usually a lot SAFER than someone like zangief. flips and backdashes are smarter things to do, it seems.

it’s probably a 6-4 matchup. ipw says 5-5, eh says 7-3, i think it’s right there. vega is a pretty fierce dichotomy in that on your feet = domination and on your back = dominated, t. hawk is a grappler of course. if he gets in it can be lights out but you just gotta play safe

Probably a silly question, but what of vegas normals and specials counter, t.hawk specials etc. You mentioned air grab seems to cover air to air so that means perhaps it could grab TOMAHAWK BUSTER and CONDOR DIVE correct or do you mean if they whiff you can simply air grab them.

But thanks for putting me in the right direction, as I am actually my cities fighting game tournament organiser and one of my friends is only attending my weekly barfights event due to me bodying him, if I happen to lose the T.Hawk matchup he has no reason in his mind to come any longer so I work had on staying above him so he has a reason to attend, sounds stupid well it is, but he is out for blood it seems and wants to beat me so badly

I know you can beat condor dive with S.RH