Will The Real Tom Brady Please Stand Up!


Damn, Bill.

I helped Bill out just the same (not with housing) and was repaid the same way. I kept his dog alive and his uncle off the streets. It was foolish of me to be nice to someone and expect them to pay up. The sad thing is we know he has the money he just doesn’t want to pay up (and even if he doesn’t he shouldn’t lie in general). Now he won’t even give honest answers to why he’s not paying up. That won’t help and I still want my money but even so at least be a man about it.

God Damn, Lol. I hate to laugh but it seems like you guys got worked. That’s unfortunate though, sorry to hear such nonsense. Happy Holidays

The only person this thread makes look foolish is you. This dude stayed in your apartment for almost a year rent free? Really? And you never called him on it? Then you thought it was a good idea to make this deadbeat your new roommate? I assume this guy was gainfully employed in a full time job this entire time, otherwise you would never agree to let him be your new roommate. If this was the case, why would he need to get money from his pops to cover the rent?

Don’t expect to lay down with dogs and not get fleas.

lol blacks?

Man I thought you were talking about the REAL REAL Tom Brady aka GOD!

You know the 3 time superbowl winning quarterback that is married to a Victoria Secret Model, Gisele Bundchen?

Damn, I guess I better think long and hard about moving in with friends.

I suspect he was half-lying about the dentist part. Sounds more like Bill got four of his teeth knocked out by loan sharks and went into hiding, and he doesn’t want to contact you out of fear that the sharks may pursue and interrogate you instead.

Bill is helping you man.

Make a new account with username Heather-chan, Akuma’s Mistress, girlgamer, or something similar. Say you need donations to travel to the next big tournament to make some watercolors or something. You’ll get your money back.

you telling me this sort of shit has happened and peeps hav donated money, show me some threads please

Glovegirl, SBO, too lazy to find links.

Guys, my cat is looking for a job and he needs interview clothes. Donations please? I take paypal and carefully concealed cash. You can trust me. I’m a top Marvel player.

I subscribed to this thread to see fireworks. Don’t disappoint, like when the Vatican renounced Dr. B.

Little do you know is that it really is the REAL REAL Tom Brady.

He lives on my couch.

I had my teeth clean the other day…The hygienist had really big titties…When she was scrapping the shit out of my teeth she was purposely resting her breast on top of my head. Then she got one of those things that suck the saliva/water, she was like ok im going to put this in your mouth, i then want you to suck. Do you guys think she was flirting with me?

get at that ass

3some with the asian wife.

I dont like white girls though, but damn those tittays were very soft…I’ll be seeing her in 4 months

Do it. Sounds like you can get away with it. What are the chances your asian wife visiting the dentist, much less finding out?