Will the PC get its own Fight Sticks? Or

…do we need to go with the Xbox 360 versions and download drivers? Just curious. If it’s the latter, then I might as well start looking into getting one now (or when I can). Obviously, the PC is getting its own versions of the Fight Pad, but no mention yet of the Fight Sticks.

Then again, if the 360 version works perfectly on the PC and is the same price, might be worth getting that instead. That way, I could maybe bring it over to a friend’s house (with a 360) and have that added versatility. I guess there’s no real way to know until SF4 actually comes out on the PC and people try it.

That’s cool and probably true (can anyone confirm?). Now if only I had any gamer friends–it sucks getting older. =/ Everyone is too busy or whatever to game anymore. Personally, I will never give it up.

THAT’S the spirit! :tup:

I think you’re right, though - I can’t see any reason to offer PC-specific sticks while the ones already being made are plug-and-play on PCs already.

What I’d like to know is, will the PC FightPads work on 360 or PS3.

Somehow I doubt it, cuz they’d have to premap the PC buttons to work as specific Xbox 360 or PS3 button presses.

It’s a ‘Games for Windows’ Game so it’s compatible with the 360 pads, plus both PS3 and 360 sticks both work fine on the PC, (well I think the PS3 works, don’t see why it shouldn’t) so they theoretically they’ve already released the PC version of the fightstick.

They might change to the packaging to say PS3/PC and Xbox 360/PC compatible, because let’s face it there will be those who need that piece of information on their box to believe it will work on the PC.

It’s a shame Sony and MS don’t play well with each other, it would have been great if the TE was compatible with both with a switch at the back to change from one console to the next.

…but think of all the dual stick sales they got from NOT doing that!

I have a PS3 SE Fightstick and it works great for windows XP (MAME and other emulators). I didn’t have to download drivers on my own or anything like that.

I know what you mean Smooth. I’m about to move away from LA to start dental school, so I’m losing both the SF4 scene out here and any time to play. = (

Yeah but think of all fans that got put off from them not doing that. Not sure if at any stage they planned for it to be dual console stick, but it probably wouldn’t have been possible to do with neither PS3 or M$ wanting to licence it if it was. Specially M$ who are anal about their pad licencing.

Fans got put off? Wait, seriously? Look back at TE demand and you’ll see that you’re wrong.

That’s rough, LA is pretty much the best place in the U.S. for SF4. Virginia, however, is not haha. :mad:

Quite frankly put, it didn’t matter if a few people were “put off” by it. MadCatz had no reason to give a shit and nor did MS or Sony. Their sales and the seemingly unending demand for the sticks eclipsed the whole situation.

there are way more licencensing issues making controllers work cross-console than are worth it for madcatz to deal with. not to mention that they had no idea that these sticks would sell so well and are a company that intends to make money.

Pretty true. I bought a TE for each system, though I only own a 360, so I could participate in ps3 tourneys. now since they’re both compatible with my PC, I’m already set on 2 awesome PC sticks. was win/win for me.

If my dumb ass didn’t go on a buying spree this month I’d have bought a second 360 TE…

I’m not talking about the die hard fans but the regular Joe’s who enjoy the game and find 150 steep for a stick that works on only one console. Let’s face it Diehard fans will pay stupid money, I’ve seen Yu-gi-oh cards sell for over $2000 and also the TE was made in Limited Quantities to begin with so it was going to sell out anyway.

The current batch of TE’s are still readily available in stores, In fact I picked up my TE for 107 off Ebay, brand new. so the demand has dropped for this item. either than or the supply has exceeded the demand.

Personally I don’t give a crap about the dual console feature as I don’t own a PS3, and not likely to own one for quite a while, but I know quite a few that are put off buying one for that reason. In America it isn’t that bad as it’s $150 compared to 150 (that’s $90 difference in price) that’s 20 more than an Xbox 360 Arcade, so over here they’re is going to be more reluctance to pay the premium price and would like there to be more features to justify the cost.

As I said it would have been cool if the feature to be put in, Not one I expected because let’s face it, No way would M$ and Sony agree to such a stick, and it would end up hurting MadCatz’s relationship with the two giants in the future, But I do think the demand would be higher for it if it was, maybe not innitially, but when the buzz for SFIV dies down who knows.

What are you talking about? The PC bundle comes with a 360 Fightpad. There is no special PC version. http://shop.capcom.com/store/capcomus/en_US/DisplayProductDetailsPage/productID.127171100

hrm, nice find. I actually thought there was going to be a standalone PC fightpad also, but I suppose just including the 360 one is fine on microsoft’s part.

just better for me cause I’ll just rip the pcb out of that thing and put it in one of my SF 15th AE sticks :smiley: happy days.

better a console pad that works with PC than a third option that only works on a PC:lol:

Haha whoa, just noticed that. Amazing how blind the powers of assumption are. Thanks for clearing that up, man.

Very true! :rofl:

Well PCs are pretty broad so if it works on PC chances are it can work on most hardware…