Will pay $$$ for your X-Connection brand PS2 to Xbox controller adapter

I need one of these early 2000s adapters to play with handheld steering wheels that I have. I’m thinking 20 dollars shipped will be good. I can part you with paypal.

Steve A.

pay you, not part you. Silly touch pad phone…

I’m pretty sure the Xtokki converter supports wheels…

Maybe ps2 wheels, but what about the ps1 wheels that have the NeGcon protocol? Where can I get that adapter?

Sorry, no clue. I’m not 100% sure the xtokki would work with either. I just know that it has a switch that allows it to support some racing wheels.

i think op means an adapter for use on the original xbox

Yep- that’s true.

Lol whoops I’m dumb. Good luck :slight_smile: