Will I get lag on my gaming if I use a capture card?

My new comp is hooked up to my HDTV via VGA and I wanted to know if I would get lag when hooking up the PS2/DC to my comp by way of my capture card.
This is my new comp.

And the capture card is a Hauppage WinTV HVR-1800

Also, any good programs to use this capture card with?

Windows media center is mad tedious to switch from one input to the other.

HELL YES. Hauppage cards are some of the worst and laggiest piece of shits out there. Not only will there be lag, there will be excessive lag that will make your games nigh unplayable.

depends on the capture card, but looking at the above post, this specific one seems to lag.

I haven’t met a lag free capture device yet. I don’t think they exist…?

I use DScaler (software) here in work for capture duties; you can give that a lash.
Pretty sure the cards are Happauge, too.

The intensity pro is not lag free… but its damn close… of course, its all dependent on the power of your computer, since the intensity pro doesnt do any onboard processing.

You can get good results using cheap material, just use dscaler and make sure you use a driver that doesnt try to do any prossessing work, so look for an old video card without all the windows filters on it, that way it will become almost like a vga converter.
But like jaxel said there’s no way u can get pure lag free play.
For example you can have a lot of fun with God of War but is almost impossible to have fun playing to Guitar Hero.

scrugs I’ve always had good luck with my old capture card
asus v8200 deluxe, had problems with brightness but never any lag.

same with my pixel magic capture card…