Will a mugen game be taken seriously by the FGC?

Ok guys, I’m sure most of us have played some mugen at some point of our lives.
I’m some of you wasted hours learning to make characters.

But I wonder, if the FGC will take seriously a mugen project?

Of course I mean an original game, with original assets like Card sagas wars, but for the sake of the discussion, I wanna know if making an original game (as in gameplay and mechanics) using the assets of previous fighters (for non profit) would be also taken seriously.

There’s so many ways to make an original fighter, like combining kof 2002 and 2001 systems (HD combos with assists) that doesn’t exist yet in any fighter.
I’m sure there are more interesting ideas that could make cool new games.

I think something like that (as long as is original) is a cool use of mugen.

I dunno, but It’s just something I wonder.

Hell no. This is kind of a foregone conclusion at this point.

But do you mean using copyrighted sprites or also you include the original projects using original sprites?

Still thinking that a massive group of people make a decision on a game.

Three years here and thinking this way.

Stupidest question ever posed.

I know the answer, I just wanna know some opinions.

Put it together, release it, hope for the best, people complain that it doesn’t have Ken.

Welcome to the cycle of a fighting game other than SF.

Short answer: No. Also, not sure what you’re expecting outside of lolNo though I’ll play along.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use that engine for serious game development when there are so many better alternatives. Doesn’t mean something of quality can’t be made though I’m being nice; it’ll never compare to the feeling of a commercial game.

Hyper DBZ is a neat little game made in mugen that’s worth giving a shot if that’s your thing. I mean, it’s gotten a better reaction than most other things with the engine.

Finally, lol at FGC as if it’s this one hivemind that all has the same opinion on everything. There are a minority here who don’t mind a game made in mugen. This whole “I want mugen to be taken seriously” really needs to stop.

I wanted to made this thread after knowing about card sagas war and watch this video.

I wouldn’t mind playing a Mugen game. But I think at best, it might be relegated to the poverty section.

Remember when SaltyBets decided to go and make his channel dedicated to CPU vs. CPU games on Mugen? I think that is as far as it will ever go, and even that was laughable.