Will 3S ever be on PSN?

I hope one day…

I hope so, too.

HD remixed and more balance or classic what would you guys like to see?

with the succes of Puzzle Fighter, ST and MvC2 I dont see why they wouldnt. I read somewhere capcom is going to put out a lots games so I am expecting Re 2 and 3 and other capcom classics like megaman Hopefully HD remixed or just better templets RE1 hurts my eyes when I play.

Man just the original 3S would be good enough. That game is still ahead of its time after all these years.

no rebalance or stupid art change…just a rerelease. All focus should be on the netcode/good porting imo. This is probably the only fighting game I can actually enjoy so I do hope there is a re-release.

i’m really doubting it will come out, but it would be awesome if it came out with no changes. 3S is still addictive as all hell and its art and animation look great.


would be my dream come true

do you think we could get a petition started to get capcom to release it??

i hope you all get aids and die

^ that’s harsh… :rofl:

My answer - it could happen, I suppose. I didn’t think it would happen for Marvel, so why not? Certainly should be easier to deal with as far as lag issues.

no, because it’s on ggpo/2df which would be 100000x better than if it’s on psn/xbl.

Its probably going to release on the next gen console after ps3.

A man can dream… :frowning:

i heard that sony inked a deal to get a lot of the dreamcast games ported over to the PSN, soooo i would imagine that one of the must have games would be 3rd Strike as well as the Power Stone(gem?) game. I read the article a while back, bout 2 months ago, so i would assume there would be something a little more solid out there now.

Vampire Savior ftw… come on now.

i heard it was supposed to be a looot of games. Id imagine they would bring in all the old school games that have icons in them. Doesnt make sense not to

I’d kill for a port to PSN for 3s. It’s nice on GGPO and all but considering that capcom OWNS GGPO they could just implement it for PSN as well and it’ll all be nice and dandy!

need help configuring GGPO for my comp. need to get ROMS and such. Help would be appreciated.!

Try the GGPO forum. Or Google.

Take the PSN Mahvel approach: New, good looking filters (3S sprites are already fucking gorgeous in my opinion) is all you need graphics wise. Keep Udon far far far away from this. Add in great netcode with lobbies, choice of arrange or arcade soundtrack and there’s an instant sale.

Hd graphics would be welcome, i can always play my ps2 copy of 3s if i want the classic engine, some changes to certain balance issues would be awesome and give me a reason to buy it.