Will 3D fighters ever be as good as 2D fighters?

Of course I’m talking about 3D playing fields, not 2.5D such as SF4 and MVC3.

It seems 3D always seems to miss capturing a certain essence of 2D fighters. I think a big part of it is the “floatiness” of 3D fighters. The way it always seems you’re fighting on the moon and how ridiculous it looks to keep punching at a guys feet while he’s suspended in mid-air for combos.

In my opinion vf5fs is the best fighter. Its 3d.

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Seize him.

I see what you mean, but 2D fighters have their share of ridiculousness too. Most 2D juggles also happen at the feet of the characters being combo’d.
The reason why the floatiness is more apparent is probably that in 3D fighters you usually can’t jump as high as in 2D fighters, but they still want the player to have the time to juggle, so the characters float just about as long as their 2D counterparts, just lower to the ground.
If there were no juggles in 3D fighters, I guess they’d either have to increase the damage on attacks or make less attacks knock down, because it might get pretty boring if they kept getting knocked down every couple of seconds, while you wait for them to get back up, all because people don’t like it when their characters are floating.

Also, you’re saying that “3D always seems to miss capturing a certain essence of 2D fighters”. Well… yeah. They’re not trying to be 2D fighters. There already are plenty 2D fighters out there, can’t we all be happy with that and leave the 3D fighters alone?

I’m not sure you could create a more abrasive thread title if you tried :smiley:

Every time I play a 3D game I can’t help but think, does there really need to be this many moves/oki options, surely the same depth could be created but with a much more streamlined list? Why do I need half a dozen different mid punches with slightly different properties? Has anyone even tried making a 3D game with a much slimmer movelist? I’m curious how it would turn out.

All 3D genres in video games are still at their inception, so while they couldn’t really improve upon 2D genres (which are at their peak) they had to resort to doing other, inferior things. (Which you could easily mimic in 2D if you wanted and had the money)
For example a platform game that has easy platforming and replaces it with being a collectathon.
But in the far away future as technology advances and new hardware and controllers enable new types of gaming, (overcoming the problem of measuring distances accurately in 3D camera perspectives) your grandson be playing a super advanced 360 degrees version of Guilty Gear and there will be no need of 2D gaming anymore.

Seeing as neither TTT2 nor VF5 address anything that Seth mentioned in the old Dom101 article, then no.

And before anyone complains about “D3v posting someone else’s shit” let me just say that I agree with that article 100%, which is why majority of the characters I play have sort of space controlling projectile of sorts.

Maybe because they aren’t 2D fighters. Personally I hate it when my pork chop doesn’t have the essence of of a lamb chop, but one day I hope all cuts of meat will taste the same.

I think the best 3D fighters are Virtua On: Oratorio Tangram and the Gundam Vs series. they are the two games that really use the 3D environment to the fullest. I would say VOOT is at least as good as any 2D fighter.

Troll thread.

I don’t think world needs “360 degrees version of Guilty Gear” as it don’t need “360 degrees version” of poker or chess.

its 3d
btw you have fireball in tekken if you pick jinpachi or angel or devil lmao
its just that they are useless and can be stepped
you have a plethora of moves that act for space control so having a fireball is kind of a moot point
someone could easily make a counter argument that step makes 3d superior to 2d in terms of having more dynamic oki and having more variables in stage changes which changes strategy.

2d games arent better then 3d or vice versa
they are just different

Shout outs to Arika for trying to blend 2d and 3d in Fighting Layer.

worst thread ever award?

If you like what 2D figthers do, stick to 2D fighters instead of complaining/wishing for 3D fighters to be more like 2D fighters.

What a dumbass article. It’s asserting preference as “best” way.

And so is this thread.

He’s right that 3D games haven’t tackled the concept of having two separate vectors of attack at once like Street Fighter.
However you are right that it just means it’s different, not better. There are many aspects of 3D fighters that never show up in 2D…and sort of attributing it all to Cammy’s spin knuckle is…eh.

Also, it’s funny. Praising SF for a greater usage of distances…considering that the recent street fighter has downplayed zoning and the neutral game in order to emphasize point blank offensive shennigans and premeditated setups on wakeup. Guile, Dhalsim, Chun Li all suck in SF4…for more reasons than just whatever nerfs/buffs they received. Praise the fireball all you want but it’s going the way of the dodo.

@Dev, Always hated that article of Seth, I am with Mr. X, it only shows preference, and lack of understanding of the 3d fighters at best.
@OP, The rules clearly say that No Vs Threads

I’m too lazy to dignify this with a clever and witty response.