Will 18 gauge wire work for a dualmod?

I wasn’t sure what gauge to get so I went with something that looked bigger than what I needed and sure enough one of the guides I just looked at said to use 24 gauge wire. Will I be okay using 18 gauge?

18 gauge is a thicker wire than 24 gauge just to be clear.

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its fine.
its just thicker and a bit harder to manage, but not that bad.

as long as its stranded.

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Partly depends on how you’re dual modding. For quick disconnects and screw terminals it shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re padhacking it could be more of a pain.

Thicker wire is harder to work with until you’re used to it - since it is thicker, it carries a lot more force when tugged on and you are more likely to completely break solder points if you aren’t careful. It also gives you a lot less breathing room when you have a lot of wires that need to be soldered to a lot of closely bundled solder points (like on a TE)

If you’re experienced at soldering, or using one of the dual mod methods that requires very little of it, then you should be fine. If not…