Wii VGA Output Solution? (Using Mayflash VGA Cable)

Hey Tech Talk,
I’ve got a monitor with an HDMI and VGA port (I believe it’s the same as the one that Evo uses) and while my PS3 and 360 are perfectly happy on the HDMI port, I bought a Mayflash VGA cable for my Wii for the VGA port. Now, I’ve read online that the Wii randomly outputs 480i frames in 480p mode which is what is causing the screen to flicker black every now and again using the Mayflash VGA cable (this is a common problem according to previous SRK topics and google). In a previous SRK topic, I saw someone recommended getting an HD Box Pro. So my question is two fold: Is there any way to fix the Mayflash and if not, would the HD Box Pro actually fix this issue?

Thanks a bunch!

vdigi sells a wii vga and a wii HDMI upscaler cable

VDIGI Electronics

I’m wondering though, is there any performance difference from the Mayflash and VDIGI VGA cables (other than the Mayflash one also having joint PS3 support of course)?

If you are concerned about lag dont go with the HD Box Pro, it adds about 2 frames of lag.

If your monitor can display YPbBr it is best to get something like this. This is what I use and it works great.

and this


Just order a High-Box and be done with it:

DealExtreme: $50.31 1080P YPbPr Component Video to VGA Converter for Wide LCD Monitors

I thought I’d bump this thread, rather than making a brand new one.

Does anyone have any information about this VGA converter box? The only thing I’m worried about is the lag.

I’d spend the extra like 17 dollars and get the one Duckie recommended.

I would, and I’ll probably end up doing so, but there are two main factors:

  1. It’s almost half the price.
  2. Unemployed = pinch every penny.