Wii TvC + XBOX 360 TE Stick = THIS

so i spent a couple hours yesterday hacking up a official nintendo classic controller and wanted to dual mod my 360 te stick. after a couple hours i found out that the L and R buttons dont work correctly because of the stupid slider design. so today i went to pickup a tvc stick and took out the pcb and wired it to my 360 te. i took some pics along the way but its pretty self explanatory if youve dual modded a stick before. just a lot of soldering and a bit of drilling. here are the pics and if you guys have any questions ill try to answer them for you.

basically a 360 te with a tvc pcb and it’s srk dustcover :slight_smile:

so you bought the tvc stick just to dual mod?

interesting mod you did there… so its running more than one cord? also would be dope if you could hide the wiimote in the cord compartment …


whatchu do with the rest of the TvC stick?! … very interested as long as its intact! lol

yeah i got it just for the pcb because i was too lazy to find some pad and didnt want to use a gc controller because its not functional with all the vc stuff.

you could fit it if you take out the cords or the 360 function-ability but i dont mind it hanging out. the rest of the tvc stick is gone but i do have a bunch of 360 te and se pcbs, usb cable, ect ready for arcade stick enclosures. about four sets to be exact left over because i sold my vewlix L cabinet

Sorry, i know i should be able to search for it, but does anyone know of a tutorial or description of how you put a gamecube controller inside an XBOX TE or SE stick? i need my stick for tvc!!

alzpatz, dude there are a TON of articles in this same section on that. If you’re too lazy to do it yourself, I’m too lazy to do it for you.

Nice job, I’ve been thinking about doing this myself (I just don’t like the size of the SE), also LOVE the black wii. Need those in the states Nintendo…make it happen!

shotgun steve, ill look now, had a look late last night before posting and couldnt see it - might have been the tired eyes

Hi, ive been searching for hours. Ive found slagcoins pcb directions. ive got the stick all ready for the pcb…im just having problem with the ground connections and the almost impossible surface of the gamecube pcb (so slippy, no solder sticks). could anyone who has successfully put a Gamecube controller in a madcatz stick please reply so i can ask a few questions. at the moment when i solder up the buttons the button registers as always on. must be a grounding problem…?

So, uh, can I has the TvC case and buttons? :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t the classic controller be a much easier and cheaper option?

dude i was thinking the same thing. Lol!

Cheaper, yes, easier, no.

well if you dont mind remapping the triggers to different buttons then it is cheaper and pretty much the same difficulty since all you have to do is solder it up

how much for the case :smiley:

I thought it is no more.

Out of curiousity (I’ve been planning this stick for a couple months now, getting close to operation time but TvC has thrown some wrenches into my plans) what doesn’t the GC controller do with regards to TvC? I was going to gut one of the Gamestop ones I had laying around, but this is making me think otherwise.

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i made an arcade stick with the gc pcb…the gamestop one precisely ^^
works like a charm but i do only have 4 buttons, the a,b,x,y buttons…
cause i cant find a diagram of the gamestop gc controller that shows where to solder the burrons of triggers and stuff
but 4 buttons works for tvc cause it only uses 4 buttons ^^

but if anyone knew how i could add 2 more buttons ( like the triggers) id appreciate it…

and btw the gamestop gc pcb is easy as hell to solder to,( as far as directions and a,b,x,y ^^)
never really did a pad hack before and this one worked perfect…

When you first tried to wire the classic controller to the 360 PCB, how did you go about doing that? I’m trying to do the same thing but I run into the problem that the classic controller see’s the majority of the button’s pressed as soon as I connect the 360 PCB.

Did you have to run power to the 360 PCB to get it to work? I’ve seen in a couple places that it’s stated when you are running a dual PCB setup that both PCBs need to be powered, but I’m not sure it that just applied to the Cthulu board. I’m wondering if I need to run power from the classic controller to the 360 PCB in order to power it.

Here’s what I did:

Ground from CC -> ground on terminal strip and joystick ribbon cable in Madcatz SE
Data wires from all the buttons (Directional, abxy, etc,) from CC to -> to terminal strip and joystick ribbon cable in Madcatz SE

This works great if I leave the 360 PCB disconnected, but as soon as I connect it to the same ribbon cables, it shows the majority of the button’s pressed.

It almost seems like the chip on the 360 PCB keeps the circuits closed for some of the buttons unless it’s receiving power.

Anyways, you seemed to do it right so I’m extremely interested to find out how got that to work.


What is that on top of your monitor?