Wii hori stick mod

i told my self that i wouldnt get the wii stick, but i couldnt help it.

i walked into gamestop and there it was so i had to get it.

but my main objective was to switch pcbs, buttons etc and use for ps2(dc)

i checked the hori thread but there isnt any thing on the wii stick.

so to mod it for ps2 use, would that be a good idea ?

and would i need stuff like barrier strips(there in some sticks and not) is it necessary?

well, im assuming that the buttons are soldered directly onto the pcb. i dont see how there could be a problem with changing it. im not sure of the actual dimensions of it. i modded a hfs3 quite easily.

i took it apart yeah the buttons are,

but ima use a ps2 pcb, and for the stick will i have to cut anything.

but the stick is like a knock off swana right so no.

the buttons are holding the pcb in place.

so would i need a wrench to take the pcb out.

a wrench if you want to destroy the pcb

desolder each point and pull out each button one by one if you plan on re-using it

well wait i just thaught about that. it doesnt make sense. lol

lol too late this 105 second stuff is annoying.

oh yeah but would i need a terminal/barrier strip cause ive seen them some sticks and others dont have them.

that’s private use many differenet small, large terminal/barrier for computer. It’s manufactories not use selling at public.

you can best check at intenet for special order. :rolleyes:

huh i looked up radioshack’s website and they had them.

I know, Radio Shack had a terminals/barriers are mix because female, male, small and large in plastic bag. stupid!

um is english your second language?

I think he thinks you’re talking about quick disconnects.

Anyway, no you don’t need a barrier strip. They are handy on project where you think you might change out a PCB later, or where you want to wire multiple PCBs, but not necessary.

okay thanks.

so how come ppl aint modding these? are the parts no good?
isnt this a good laternative to hrap2 ? just buy and swap pcb

It doesn’t use real arcade parts. It’s all stock hori.

thanks for the info, good thing i didnt make a thread anyway :wink:

Since the thread is already made, does anyone know if the dimensions are right for a direct parts swap, or would there be issues like with the EX2? i.e. Having to bore out the holes for buttons and adjust the mounting set up to get a proper hight for the stick.

I’m really on the fence about snagging one of these and just playing around with it to get a crash-course start into modding; right now my only experience is switching the buttons in my HRAP2. :sweat:

wanna buy mine ?:wonder:

Depends on how cheap you want to sell it for. I am very interesting in getting the PCB and cord from you, provided you dont destroy them in the process of modding it.

noober: if you just take out the PCB and leave everything else intact, you could put in a ps1 digital pad easy. then toodles could get your PCB and everyone would be happy.

if you dont like the parts, then that becomes a different issue.

it’s not a bad stick, just not a sanwa/seimitsu.