Wii Fightstick Solutions

Hi all. I’ve been having fun lately playing Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, but I want to try it with an actual fightstick. Right now I have a Madcatz TE Round 2 for PS3. What would be the best way to proceed?

**1. Mod my TE stick to work on my Wii
**Pros: Don’t have another device taking up space, the form factor of the TE is much nicer than that of the SE
Cons: Could destroy a very expensive device, not sure if it’s even possible to maintain PS3 functionality this way

2. Get a PS2 arcade stick and a PS2 to GCN adapter
Pros: Can also use the PS2 stick on my PS3 to play SSFIV and MvC2, etc.
Cons: Don’t know of any PS2 sticks that come with arcade-quality parts like the TE
3. Get the MadCatz TvC stick
**Pros: Guaranteed to work
Cons: SE is small and wobbly (or so I’m told, the only stick I’ve actually used is my TE), only works with one game.

Thoughts? If there’s a guide to mod a TE to work on PS3 and Wii, I didn’t find it. If #2 is the best option, can you recommend a good brand I should look for on eBay? I’m leaning toward that option but I’d like to get something nice. Thanks in advance.

For Option 1; you can add a PiiWee.

Just same as any Dual Mod:
Connect VCC to VCC.
Connect Ground to Ground.
Connect Buttons to Buttons.
Connect Directionals to Directionals.

For Option 2; buy an HRAP 2 SA.

PiiWii board

1 is probably the cheapest option. PiiWii is the cheaper and Wii-specific choice. If you opt for a MC Cthulhu you can add both Wii and PS2 to your TE stick.

2 & 3 can get to be more expensive, getting another stick entirely and upgrading stock parts. BTW the TvC stick functions as a classic controller, so you can use it in most of your Virtual Console/WiiWare games.

Depends on whether you’d rather have an all-in-one solution or begin collecting arcade sticks. (I’ve done all 3 options)

Don’t knock the TvC stick though, I’ve spent about 20 hours the past week using it on Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.