Wii fight sticks

I saw an earlier post about people talking about the hori wii stick being discontinued as I think is the case for I’ve only seen it through ebay or amazon for a bit more than retail. I also read around that madcatz is gonna be putting a stick for tatsunoko but I’ve never modded anything before (even though everyone says it’s so easy), I don’t wanna spend money and then break my stick, I just wanna buy something that works.

Besides the madcatz one, are there going to be any fight sticks that come out in the US for tatsunoko next month? Also, if madcatz is the only one I’m probably not gonna buy it. Are import wii hori sticks playable on US wiis?

check gamestop.com for the hori stick, if there is one in your area it’ll let you know where.

you can use import controllers and sticks with the system they are designed for. i never heard of a region locked controller

Yeah modern controllers are not region locked. However back in the day I believe the ports on Super Famicom and SNES are different, so that’s basically region locking… I could be wrong about that though.

My recommendation would actually be to get a PS2 controller and a PS2 to gamecube adapter. That way you can use the controller for other games as well. There are plenty of good gamecube adapters out there. Additionally this prevents you from having to deal with plugging the controller into a wii remote. Wireless controller shit sucks for tournaments.

Ok sweet I’ll have to look around for an import wii stick if I can’t find one elsewhere.

I don’t plan on playing for a tournament. I’m more of an at home/with friends gamer. I mean I love all my games, especially fighting games, but I usually only play with friends and by myself. I have a hori fight stick for my 360 and that’s good enough. I don’t need an expensive ass tournament fight stick when I wouldn’t use it that much. I just want something I can play tatsunoko with. The 360 stick is the only stick I’ve ever owned so I’ve been forced to use controllers when playing at home and I’m so much more used to fight sticks when playing fighting games at least, even though I do use my 360 stick on my pc for emulators and such.

I have an old SF anniversary fight pad I could use and then find a ps2-gc adapter but I’d rather just pay for the stick, I don’t mind. I mean I really only bought my 360 stick for blazblue and street fighter 4, even though I do have a few other fighting games on my 360, I don’t play them as much as BB and sf4.

Do you know if there’s any going to be any new sticks for tatsunoko when it comes out?

The cartridge slots for SNES were different, not the controller slots. NES was different though (I think Famicom controllers were actually wired directly into the system as opposed to the way NES controllers plugged in).

Anyway, I would second the PS2-GC converter. Only problem would be if you wanted to play Samurai Shodown on Wii, which (so far) is the only Wii fighting game that doesn’t support GC controllers.

Also, Madcatz is making a TvC stick for Wii, looks to be an SE case with different artwork and buttons (probably not Sanwa parts though).

You can padhack a Gamecube controller and dual mod it into your Hori stick, since it is common ground.

Use this diagram for performing the hack.

the region thing for snes controllers wasnt done w/ a different shaped port, but with some circuit in the controller pcb that need to be connected to work on one region, and disconnected on the other.

ah. I wasn’t sure. but good to know for the future! Thanks!

Someone needs to trade their ps2 arcade stick for my saulabi 4k x]