Wii/DS Nintendo Network

So we all know that the Wii and the DS don’t exactly have the greatest online play or features. With E3 coming up, Nintendo is going to unveil their new handheld, the 3DS, and have already stated that it will be backwards compatible with all DS games. However, the question is, what about all those DSi-Ware games?
I believe Nintendo will probably announce a new Nintendo Network either at E3 or before the end of the year, one that will eventually be similar to X-Box Live or PSN. While I doubt that older Wii or DS games will have much functionality with this Network, the WiiWare, Virtual Console, and DSiWare games will be tied to this account, and be transferable to a new system. What this means is later, we might see a fantastic online experience on the 3DS, maybe even the Wii. I doubt Nintendo will ever fully drop their family friendly approach to Wii’s online, but this is at least a step forward.

U mean like online shops and features like that or gameplay?