Wii Classic Controller Mod

I am interested in using my Wii Classic Controller for PS2 and PC (Lord help me, I love the thing). I have been considering modding it, but I have little clue to go about it. Also, I have searched and found no Wii-PS2 converter. Help in either area will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

eh, tough break on that one. A WiiCC to PSX or PC converter would be pretty easy to make, but I doubt there is much of a market out there for someone to do it. It would also require a sacrifice Wiimote unless they ever made entension cables.

no idea if it is possible. I have another questin about the wii however. Would it be possible to connect a playstation controller to the wii to the wii as there is a super nintendo to wii converter and there is a playstation to snes converter. This might make it possible to just daisy chain them and hope for no lag. Has anybody tried this? I mainly intend to use my neo geo stick 2 when they release neo geo games on the virtual console.

playstation to snes converter:

snes to wii converter:

If it works, it will probably lag a lot.

Funny, 'cause I just said it was.

Why not just by a PSX -> Gamecube converter? They’re cheap, and available anywhere, and wouldn’t lag anywhere near as bad as what you’re describing.

I feel like an idiot for not realizing that…

I have this converter and it works fine: