Wii Arcade Stick Solutions

I’m super stoked for TVC:UAS and now I’m feeling to get a stick for my and I wanna know my options. I know mad catz has the official stick on the way and the hori stick has been out forever.

Should I cop the Hori stick or wait for the mad catz one?

Is both sticks being wireless a big deal?

Whats the deal with sanwa parts? My friend is raging about them and what not so should I shell out the cash for a stick touting one?Right now I’m not sold.

Are there other options besides these?


There is another thread about wii sticks in this forum, although honestly it probably belongs in tech talk.

However, I have two hori sticks and they’ve been with me since before the first TvC game came out. They’re still going strong and their nice sticks, they’re light, responsive, and they hold up well. Hori makes quality shit basically all the time. Mad catz on the other hand, isn’t so reliable. It’ll be cool because it’s branded, and they have done a good job on certain other sticks, but for this smaller market that they’re aiming at I wouldn’t be surprised if the stick kind of sucks. That’s just my opinion though.

Sorry about that but the search didn’t work for me when I tried to search it so I felt making a thread was in order.

The Hori sticks are relatively cheap as well so you definitely have a point there. What about the sanwa parts though? Its rumored the madcatz stick might have em so do they really enhance the experience that much or its all BS?

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The Madcatz Wii sticks do not have Sanwa parts, just better ones.

Obviously nobody can yet attest to the quality of the new stuff.

I ordered a Mad Catz stick tonight. When it arrives, I’ll post up impressions. I like the stick on the Hori but find the buttons a bit mushy. I plan on modding the TvC stick with Sanwa parts but will check out the MC parts before doing that.

I own a Hori stick and I can attest that it is worth the price. I’m not sure what the names for the buttons and joystick are but it’s definitely a big favorite of mine.

Lies. So many lies…

The hori is by far the Best stick on the wii. Comming in a close second is the Exar TvC:CGoH stick. After that sticks are ok but not really anything too great. The arcade fighter is heavy and has a spot for the wii mote in the back of it. The stick is real stiff when you get it tho.

Mad Catz will be fine and I am sure of it. This stick is made for this game which is hype as hell in Capcoms eyes. Do you see how much money they make off that TE stick??? They know the market for people who want to look cool while playing fighting games, you can not look cool if your stick is trash!! Or atleast it is harder too do so.

I know I will buy the mad Catz one because I love new stick and this one will be nice and I know it. I think people really need to stop with all the mods and such. I grew up in the arcade era and I know others did as well and we all know that no NEO GEO sticks were the same. Half the cabs in old arcade had different sticks for the same game. Did we switch them out and cry about it. NO we became better players. We should still try to do that some.

I know the only sticks I really have a hard time with are the korean sticks (I just got a new KoF XII PS2/PS3/PC stick) Those sticks are actually hard for me to find 1,3,7,9. From time to time it will just click at the start of using the stick but others it will take me well over an hour to get used to it. Different style sticks I still can not see swaping out. I really just say get used to all sticks because once you get good it will not matter, but the better stick will make you feel more cooky because you know your shit is cooming out no matter what.


I just saw that the mad catz one is 79.99 before shipping… I will get it out of a game stop because I know they will be there and they should be lees also. Only because i is Mad Catz am I going to say that thye should have made it for 59.99 and people would scoop them up no problem. Hell if I get hesitant over a stck because of a price… Know it might be bad!!!

…oh ok.

I appreciate the help but I can do with out the shit storm. Like another thread of someone asking for help is going to fester and rot the entire site from the inside out. And for the record the search bar didn’t work when I tried to use it. Just chill

It was really just the sheer fact that it’s 9 threads down from this one. It pretty much has the same title “Cheapest solution besides Hori for Wii?”, and that it’s been on the 1st page of the forum since 7/09. And you had to scroll past it just get to the “make a new thread” button.

When i was growing up my mom told me this thing that i still tell other people to this day… “look further then the front of your nose”. Take these words my friend, and use them… use them well and you will prosper not only in TvC, but life as well.

Bootman… signing off.

You all should of thought ahead. I bought my hori arcade stick month before the original TvC came out. It cost 12 bucks on eBay (including shipping!) tho I didn’t use it much and I prefer the classic controller so I sold it on eBay for $42 :stuck_out_tongue:

Tho we didn’t know this game was coming out in the us…

I already apologized for my admittedly rash actions that might have put the equilibrium of the shoryuken forums out of whack (although the search bar not working remains true) but to continue reminding me of such is counter productive to your overall message. If you want you can lock this and bump the old thread.

Once again thanks.