Wigfall vs Dark Prince: DP accepts challenge

Disclaimer: This is not an aim log.

Dark Prince: yo
Blaziniflo: yo
Dark Prince: ill play wigfall but there will be conditions
Blaziniflo: what conditions?
Dark Prince: you no longer address me as ducjr. I am the dark prince, no talking for either player during the match, i want you off my case for good
Blaziniflo: done
Blaziniflo: ft10 50
Dark Prince: I want your word
Blaziniflo: i have a condition
Dark Prince: what
Blaziniflo: if you lose, i can continue to refer to you as duc jr.
Dark Prince: no
Blaziniflo: what do you mean by no talking?
Blaziniflo: as in you and wigfall don’t talk?
Dark Prince: yes
Blaziniflo: but before and after you guys can talk right?
Dark Prince: no more harassing by altering my name in any way shape or form
Dark Prince: ya say whatever you want after
Blaziniflo: so i have to refer to you as dark prince in public?
Blaziniflo: can i just call you by your name?
Dark Prince: justin or dark prince noting else
Dark Prince: online and in public
Dark Prince: *nothing
Blaziniflo: i’ll agree to that, as long as you don’t insult me or attack me personally
Blaziniflo: kosher?
Dark Prince: ducjr will be outlawed regardless if you want the match to go down…but i don’t insult people unless they are talking shit about me
Blaziniflo: okay
Blaziniflo: i’ll agree to those terms
Blaziniflo: how much do you want to play for?
Blaziniflo: and ft10 or ft7?
Dark Prince: hmmm
Dark Prince: 10
Blaziniflo: we can decide on the terms there
Dark Prince: fine
Blaziniflo: can i post this?
Dark Prince: yes
Dark Prince: if i hear ducjr shit from people i will cancel
Blaziniflo: from who?
Blaziniflo: you want who to stop referring to you as duc jr.?
Blaziniflo: i can only control what I personally say
Blaziniflo: i can’t control anyone else
Dark Prince: what i mean by that is the title of the thread, like last time you put dark prince/ducjr/bla bla bla
Blaziniflo: yea
Blaziniflo: that’s fine
Dark Prince: dark prince only
Dark Prince: make sure he’s ready…cause I will be ready
Blaziniflo: he was born ready

Ahahahahahah, “I am the Dark Prince”. What a fucking tool. :rofl:

^^well whatever. thats his preference, I’m sure you wouldnt like it if I called you legos(jus sayin…no hate). grudge match of the year though.

I also wouldn’t call myself the Logos and talk about how I am the Logos.

Third person references = egomaniac.

But yeah, the match’ll be sick. Glad it’s going through.

Give the kid a break! He accepted the challenge. This may be the hypest MM at Evo. GGs for both!


holy fuck guys, ive lost count of all the shit that’s going down at worlds, marvel wise.

Seriously you guys could create an entire DVD on your own with the money / grudge matches going.

World is going to be fucking nuts, damn.

DP is more ready then ever, but will it be enough to win the match, stay tuned.

At least it’s pretty clear that this will be a battle between two solid players and no one will get shot. Well except for whoever Cable shoots. :lol:

I thought Dark Prince was banned from all Evo’s this year?

Welcome to three weeks ago.

Evo is going to be boss.

Can’t wait on this match and the J.Wong Low Tier team vs Dark Prince.

The Evo 5 on 5 Marvel.

Man Marvel brings that shit every year.

dude someone has to schedule this shit out cause i dont’ want to miss SHIT!

cant wait for the videos

Pretty Smile, Part Deux. Can’t wait.

DP either gonna be one rich ass mother effer or one broke ass dude after this year EVO

Hopefully the latter. But I thought he didn’t put up his own money, just his friends’…

Columbia pictures present…“Pretty Smile 2: The Revenge”

I like DP for 50.

You don’t get to bet.