Wifi USB Problem

I’m having trouble connecting the internet to my Wii using the USB connector.
I’m running on Windows XP. I installed the usb software, turned off my firewall, granted access to my Wii for internet access and it says: error unable to find connection, or something like that. Anyone know what’s going on?

Sorry I can’t help but I’m having the same problem with my XBOX…

I got it to work now, finally, but every time I wanna connect, I have to turn off my anti-virus program and firewall. The instructions booklet says after installation is complete to turn them on again. When I do so, I can’t connect to the Wii Shop Channel or anything!?

Also, where would I find my Wii friend code thinger?

On the Wifi USB Connector Registration Tool window my user-name thing is displayed in weird characters. Is that normal?

Wii frind is on the messages thingie…
Then on the left bottom corner it should be there…

Yeah, got it. Thanks.