Wierd inputs in-game? (Software issue, not hardware?)

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone talk about this before, but I’ve experienced it both on my PS4 and copy of SFV, and on another PS4 & copy (with a different stick, although also Brook). Before I get into it, I’ll note I’m using a Brook universal fighting board, am playing on PS4, and have never had these issues or anything like these issues outside of SFV.

There are 2 weird input things I’ve been experiencing/noticing off and on for probably the past 4 months, but one of them yesterday really seemed bizarre, prompting this thread and if anyone else has had these issues.

  1. Unresponsive menus / directionals. This happens more frequently than the second, and I’ve seen it happen on 3 separate consoles; the menu will lock up, but if you press the Playstation button you’ll get the Playstation menu with full movement and control. Enter the game again, still locked up. Sometimes it fixes itself after time, sometimes I have to restart the game. Anyone else ever have this happen? (Especially annoying if it happens in between an online 2/3 so you can’t select the run back button)

  2. This is the more strange one, unresponsive/malfunctioning buttons. For a while, I had always thought my sticks heavy kick button was a bit sticky or something, as it would stop responding randomly and for random amounts of time, though I found it strange it only seemed to occur in SFV. However, yesterday something happened that made me think it’s not a hardware problem at all, but almost certainly a software issue. I was in training mode, and my heavy kick stopped responding (semi-usual occurrence), but not only that, my button wired to all-kick AND set to all kick IN GAME was reading as (light kick + medium kick). I had to double take, because I thought at first my PCB must be goofed, but then I realized that if it’s set in game to be all-kick, it doesn’t matter what button it’s wired to, it’s clearly the game that’s not working.

Has anyone else had downright bizarre input drops like this while playing SFV? I don’t understand how the game can input only 2 kicks when I press a button mapped in game to all kick. The only thing I could think is maybe the actual heavy kick button was somehow being released when the all kick was pressed, and the negative edge input made the game not display it (???)

I also took poorly shot video if that might help, but won’t upload it unless people are curious because it’s potato quality snapchat footage I sent to some people as it was happening yesterday.

this should be in tech talk


SFV acts goofy when there’s a button pressed.

i remember a friend having issues on the menus just by having shorted TouchPadKey to GND :frowning:

Also, if your heavy kick is not working properly try to have it disconnected (QD’s to the sanwa button) during all this testing process. if this fails you may have to use a multimeter and check if there’s any short to ground somethere hear the 3K button…

that’s all i can say for now :slight_smile: happy modding