Wierd button configuration problem

This is something that has been buging me for a while now.

I 1st started playing on an arcade stick few months after Street Fighter 4 came out.At the time I decided to set my buttons to:

and not the standart:

For some time now I’ve been wondering if that wasn’t a big mistake for few reasons.

1.Can’t play on Arcades.
2.Looking like an idiot wen setting my buttons @ a tournament jiz.
3.But most importantly I’ve been wondering if I’m in some kinda of disatvantage because the game was made with the standart config in mind (basically I’m worried things are harder to do on my layout like combos and execution related stuff but can’t know for sure).

I’ve been playing for over 1000 hours with this button set up in SF4 and SFF4.Also I’ve learned things like honas jab HHS, plinking and a lot more combos on different chars on my button config so switching to the standart will be unbelievably frustrating and time consuming.

I want to hear your take on this guys.Should I stick with what I’m conftrable or should I try to make a change ?

Also I’m just wondering if I’m the only one that did something like this wen 1st started to play on arcade stick?

if it works for you, keep the config. You said it yourself, you won’t be able to play at an arcade though.

If you want to play at an Arcade, then it might be a good idea to switch. Otherwise, keep playing the way you’re confortable with.

I did consider doing some kind of special config when I started using the stick, but Arcades/Having to setup my config whenever I play somewhere else changed my mind, so I just roll with default.

My head…it hurts. My palm, keeps hitting it.

Why would you do this? Shuffling to Newbie Saikyo Forum…I have no doubt someone lurking there has done the same thing, regardless of the game.

If you’ve played for that long, it shouldn’t be hard to get used to L>M>H as you make it out to be IMO. I say you should switch because a lot of other games use L>M>H, not just Street Fighter. When MVC3 comes out, would you switch it again? Why? Just get used to the standard layout like everyone else. No biggie.

I would think plinking would naturally be easier on the standard layout versus yours. It’s easier for me to roll my had/drum my fingers correctly right to left with my right hand the going left to right with it, which is why I think plinking would be easier that way. Plus you have the Lights in the middle, which means if you wanted to plink a medium punch (which requires you to also use a Light Punch or Kick), you’ll have to do it to the right, but if you wanted to plink a heavy punch, you’d have to do it to the left. A continuation on that, since throw is LP+LK, kara throws are always to the right (or maybe on the same, if there is a kara that is say LK into LP+LK). Juri’s is MP into LP+LK. So with Juri it still goes to the right, but with Rose, hers is f.HK into LP+LK (I think that is right, it’s her only normal besides the slide that moves her forward), you have to do that to the left instead. It also it may flip flop Option Selects as well. Obviously if you are used to it, you are used to it, which kind of makes it a moot point, but I do still think it is a general advantage over your layout. Also jabs/shorts usually chain together (I think) while Fierce/Roundhouses do not. So it also makes sense to me to have my stronger finger (I consider my index stronger than my ring finger) on the jab/short just because it is faster, and generally you hit those buttons faster.

You kind of fucked yourself on this one.

I’d recommend forcing yourself to learn the standard but, it’s up to you. You’re able to button config in any game.

Guess I’m gonna give it a shot at switching.Kinda sucks tho, just got somewhat consistent whit the rufus 1framer bnb. :<

Meh scratch that. I decided to stick whit my config. As long as SSF4 AE comes to consoles I should be fine jiz.

Why wouldn’t you just use the standard layout in the first place?

Why do you keep saying jiz?