Wico Perfect 360 BUTTONS?

I found these while looking through the Web Archives. Has anyone ever used Perfect 360 buttons?

A lot of wico stuff just doesn’t exist anymore, so I’m afraid not.

However, it sounds like it’s using an opto-mechanical switch, sort of like a 1 way 360. So it’d have zero resistance and response like a sanwa, but really, just get the sanwa. :slight_smile:

I only use Sanwa and Seimitsu stuff now as Happ has shit all over American style stuff (there Competition buttons are still good though).

That’s pretty cool. But unless you have major problems with spilling drinks on your sticks I wouldn’t bother heh.


These are not the buttons but while looking around on eBay I came across this auction for a set of Wico P360’s. I have no use for them so I thought I’d share it with the folks here on SRK.

I saw that today Sazae. In the latest, “Which is better Ultimate or Comp?” thread somebody pointed out all the different models of p360s in that auction.




what are they worth?

Hard to say cut west, rule of thumb 6 to 8 buttons are worth as much as a joystick (more or less).
Example 1 Sanwa JLF $24 , 8 Sanwa OBSD Push buttons $2; 1 Happs Competition joystick $10, 6 Happ Competition Push Buttons $12
(Numbers rounded up to nearest whole dollar)

So How much a Wico P360 would go for? $100?
Since Wico buttons are much more rare, I have to say $25 to 30 per button. And that just my guess.

Damn those looks so cool Cutwest, where you get em?

those are just a sample btw. I can get more if certain people are actually interested in them. Otherwise i won’t bother.

I got them locally from an Arcade collector that’s in the process of selling off some of his collection. He has a small box full of these buttons and he wants them sold badly. He actually gave me these buttons for free to try out when i bought my Wicos. He may just eventually give me the whole box who knows.

ah I see. well he can try the trading outlet folder if he wants to sell em so bad, I’d probably be interested in some.