Anobody here knows what the hell Ryu doesn’t have his hurricane kick super in this game? Damn I miss that super :sad: . It was one of my favorites. Also, what about his Denjin? Why does it only have one bar when in Second Impact it had two? Common Capcom this is getting lame!!! They really fucked Ryu up in this game!!!

well for one the hurrican kick was not that good. and the reason why he only has one dinjin is because it is unblockable and it is a hit stun attack yeah it would be nice if he still had two but then he would be a streight killer when it come to supers

Well his EX hurricane kick is like a toned down version of his hurricane kick super if you think about it, I mean, he even says Shinkuu Tatsumaki when you do it.

Not, but really, what was the reason for taking out his Shinku Tatsumaki? Anybody here knows why Capcom did it?

I read somewhere that they wanted to show how Ryu had developed his Hadouken techniques over the years, and how Ken had developed his Shoryu techniques. This doesnt make too much sense as Ken doesnt have a new Shoryu super, but it does make sense that Ryu has developed a new Hadouken , since hes gotten so much more powerful over the year.
But to answer your question, no, I dont know why Capcom did it, I liked the Vaccuum Hurricane super too, but I think the Denjin is pretty sick as well, learn how to use it correctly if you dont agree, its a very annoying super thats hard to deal with.

Probably for practicality reasons. It’s a terrible anti air, Shin Shoryuken is much more powerful+serves the same basic purpose, especially with it’s tendency to “vacuum” in random pokes. Denjin made its presence felt in SI, it adds a whole new dimension to Ryu’s game.

EX Tatsumaki still has vaccuum properties, just not outside of his leg anymore, if anyone pokes at Ryu when he’s doing an EX tatsumaki, they get pulled in, so the Shinkuu Tatsumaki is still there.