Why won't this guardbreak?

With Storm:

Magic series, three lightning dash things, and then when they fall back into the screen lk, addf, lk

I know it’s not a useful combo but I don’t understand why it doesn’t work.

I’m not too sure… but I’m assuming you’re doing that off a launcher right?

It may be that after they fall back into the screen, they are not in normal jump animation and so you can’t guardbreak them.

Like Ffoxxttrott said, if you’re doing it off of a launcher they wont be in NJ mode afterwards so they’ll be able to block it.

Also, I have no idea what you’re going to follow up after a lk, ad f, lk…so just stick with finishing it with LA xx LS.

They’re not in normal jump mode, but you can still call assist and jump throw then have assist hit and combo them after.

Okay thanks. I just impovised that once when I didn’t have a super and thought it would work. If it did, however, you could land and dash under them.

You can not GB while your in super jump mode with your opponenet. especially when your trying a magic series. you can GB when your opponent is in Normal Jump mode.

^You can if they tech a throw and you havent air dashed yet :stuck_out_tongue:

you CAN guardbreak, however, if you don’t launch them (meaning you do an attack that’s not normally a launcher - c.mp with ironman for example)

storm has two ways of doing that… figure it out.

^ Im guessing some weird rollable otg off her c.mk? & mebbe LA randomness?

the two ways i know of…

  1. you said it, c.lk, c.lk xx sj, add, lk otg, and whatnot from there

  2. s.hp :slight_smile:


You can force reset from a gb off her FP? Im guessing it has to be the wall? That would be ridiculous if you could do that yipes semi inf. with the s.FP SJC…pulls up match vids and studies

Good lookin’, I had no clue! :lovin: