Why was Marco rodriguez changed to Khushnood Butt?

in japan, the orange gi wearing kyokugen guy is called marco rodrguez, but in my DC port, hes called by that name.

any reason for this change? SNK USA just felt like it ?
Did they make it up or the jpn branch?

the name was taken and snk was all MAN LETS CHANGE THE NAME I DONT WANT ANY BEEF WITH THESE CATS while localizing the game


YOU sir shouldn’t be trying to steal other SRKer’s Catchphrases, THEY worked hard for that line.:annoy:

why the hell was the mazda roadster renamed the mazda miata?

who knows

I don’t know, butt…

He’s kind of a dweebenheimer anyway, if you ask me

Man. I used to own a Garou cab. I randomly bought it for $200 off some dude. Never even played it before. My friends and I played the shit outta that game. I eventually sold it and got the Japanese PS2 version. I was so disappointed in the Japanese names. Tizock and Butt FUCKING OWN!!!

i’d say its because snk usa is trying to keep us mexicans down

No. Your all wrong.

Its because a few semi-famous people in America use that name.
I think there was a martials arts facility near the US SNK branch, that had a master called Marco Rodriguez.


I see what you did there…